Whole Foods Owns Up to 'Ripping Off' Customers with an Apology


Executives from the high-end grocery chain, Whole Foods, made a public apology claiming the company "made some mistakes," which consistently overcharged for their prepackaged food.

After Whole Foods came under fire when an investigation in New York City claimed the grocery chain was ripping off its customers by listing improper weights on prepackaged food.

According to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs' investigation "the area's Whole Foods stores had consistently listed improper weights on prepackaged food, resulting in overcharges from 80 cents to nearly $15 an item." The investigation took place on June 24 and tested "80 product categories across the eight Whole Foods stores open at the time," according to USAToday.

Whole Food executives released a statement on Thursday claiming they made mistakes that they want to own. While co-CEO John Mackey said the price gouging was "unintentional" and it may have resulted in incorrect prices, sometimes in consumer's favor, but the errors were "inadvertent" and resulted "because it's a hands-on approach to bringing you the fresh food."

According to the DCA, there will be fines to pay ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

The Whole Foods' executives "outlined steps the company plans to take to ensure pricing accuracy" in an video that went viral. According to USAToday, this will include "increasing training in stores across the country, implementing a third-party auditing system and reporting initial results back to customers in 45 days." And if consumers are looking for a refund, the executives said they are willing to do so on amy product the consumer determined was mislabeled.  

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  • He owed one to every customer. goo.gl/kSx0il
  • The quality of a food must be considered first. http://www.bestmeetandgreetheathrow.co.uk/
  • The agency said it tested 80 different kinds of prepackaged products at New York Whole Foods outlets and found all had mislabeled weights. http://www.holidayairportparking.co.uk/
  • I have always thought that Whole Foods is nothing but another corporate giant using the Organic label and interest to rip people off for ridiculous prices. They are only interested in making a profit. I refuse to shop there and use local organic groceries instead when the need arises. As my wife aptly puts it, “Whole foods at whole prices!”
  • if i was a Whole Foods customer (i am not), this apology would not suffice. it is a bogus horse-out-of-the-barn attempt to retain legitimacy as a retailer when, in fact, they are A Thief. and, fines won’t put money back in the pockets of people from whom they stole hard cash. is it possible Whole Foods knew all of this before they over-priced knowing that, if they got caught, paying a set of fines would not come close to the amount of money they paid in overcharging? yeah, it’s possible.


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