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For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to the FDA, demanding routine testing of U.S. food for glyphosate residue.

[Update 3/16/17: We have sent the first letter to the FDA with 1,000+ of your signatures. We will continue to send letters every 1,000 signatures. Thank you!]

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has confirmed the presence of glyphosate in a variety of  oat products, including oat cereals for babies.

Recently the USDA started testing U.S. foods for glyphosate, the active ingredient used in Monsanto’s Roundup and which has been linked to cancer. Last year the World Health Organization released a report by a group of international cancer experts that stated glyphosate is a probably human carcinogen.

Despite these recent findings, Roundup continues to be the most heavily used weed killer in the world. The EPA still maintains that glyphosate is “not likely” to cause cancer.

The current safe levels for glyphosate in oats, as suggested by the EPA, is 30 ppm. The levels detected in the findings fall within this range. In 2013 Monsanto requested and receive higher tolerances for many foods. In the European Union the tolerance levels are much lower, for example the tolerance for glyphosate in oats is 20 ppm.

Monsanto and U.S. regulators maintain that all of these findings show that glyphosate levels in our food are too low to cause any health concerns, but many believe that food will need to continue to be routinely tested to maintain safe levels. Besides that, some foods in the United States do not have a legal tolerance level. For example, honey does not have a legal tolerance level, yet when tested earlier this year every sample came back with traces of glyphosate, some with residue levels double the limit allowed in the European Union.

Help us tell the FDA that they need to routinely screen foods for glyphosate and maintain low levels of contamination regardless of their stance on glyphosate being linked to cancer.

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  • Our food supply is vitally important and increasingly ignored. We need a broader focus on the importance of clean healthy food.
  • Stop poisoning us!
  • Read Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT. Conclusive. Glyphosate is toxic and ubiquitous. For the sake of all humanity, glyphosate must be removed from food supply.
  • Stop these evil poisoners.
  • Stacy Wykle
  • EPA deviously colludes like this with corporations and is consistently over reaching it’s intended powers……to harmful results.
  • Carol Davidek-Waller
  • I Demand that OUR Congress Investigate the Reprehensible Collusion Between Monsanto and the EPA!

    According to recently unsealed court documents, former EPA official Jess Rowland conspired with Monsanto to ghostwrite toxicology reports that were to be used by government regulators to determine the safety of Roundup.

    And then he bragged about it: “If I can kill this [investigation] I should get a medal,” Rowland reportedly told a Monsanto executive, who relayed his comments in an email.

    Rowland oversaw an EPA’s cancer assessment for glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup. He was also a key author of a report finding glyphosate was not likely to be carcinogenic.

    Rowland colluded with Monsanto, even though another former EPA official—a 30-year career EPA scientist—warned Rowland that he was putting the public at risk.

    In her 2013 letter to Rowland, the dying Marion Copley (now deceased) accused Rowland of playing “your political conniving games with science” to favor pesticide-makers like Monsanto. In her letter, Copley, a toxicologist, wrote: “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.”

    Copley’s letter, and the newly unsealed court documents, have come to light as a result of a lawsuit against Monsanto, filed in California by people, or the families of people, diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma after being exposed to glyphosate.

    For decades, the evidence has been mounting that Roundup causes cancer. Yet even after a panel of 17 scientists with the World Health Organization unanimously agreed that Roundup is a “probably carcinogenic,” Monsanto has refused to acknowledge the evidence. Instead, the company continues to profit from sales of a product—a product sold both commercially and in retail stores—that is linked to cancer.

    QUIT protecting these profiteering poisoners and TAKE ***ACTION*** !!

    Here’s another article:

    “A FDA-registered food safety laboratory tested iconic American food for residues of the weed killer glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup) and found ALARMING amounts.

    Just to give you an idea of how outrageous these amounts are, independent research shows that probable harm to human health begins at really low levels of exposure – at only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate. Many foods were found to have over 1,000 times this amount! Well above what regulators throughout the world consider ‘safe’."

    Not one mainstream media outlet has covered this appalling new report that shows millions of people being poisoned by a cancer-causing chemical that NEVER belonged in our food in the first place. GLYPHOSATE is ending up in processed foods like Cheerios, Ritz Crackers, and Oreos and being consumed by humans all over the world. The health of millions of people is on the line and this news must become public knowledge – including in our despicably complicit government!

  • Sign the petition: Tell the FDA to Routinely Screen Food for Glyphosate
  • R Banks
  • It is OBVIOUS that money has been changing hands for FAR TOO LONG to cover up what is undeniably a Cancer Causing agent in Round Up. Monsanto is The DEVIL and anyone who takes money to cover up their Unconscious and deadly deeds is a CRIMINAL..
  • Thomas Daly
  • I think, in view of how Monsanto has pretty much cheated to get Roundup on the market, they should be made to sell Bayer back to the stock holders and hand over any and all patents, formulas, etc. they may have “found” after the sale.
  • David James
  • News like this makes one wonder about the wisdom of shutting down the EPA altogether, like our current administration is proposing.
  • Harold Blumberg


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