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For every 1,000 signatures, Nationofchange will send a letter to Congress asking them to adopt legislation that will reward corporations who move jobs to United States and punish corporations for outsourcing jobs.

Right now too many corporations are shipping jobs overseas in order to save a buck. Current legislation allows for companies to get tax breaks when they ship jobs overseas. 

Too many companies are closing their center of operations in the United States in favor of moving operations overseas. Corporations not only receive tax breaks when moving offshore, but they are able to exploit lower wage workers in countries where workers rights laws are lax or non existent.

It is time for this to stop. The American people could use these jobs that are being exported overseas and corporations do not need more tax breaks. 

It is time to create legislation that will incentivize American companies for bringing their offshore jobs back to the U.S., or for keeping them here in the first place. Legislation should also include punishment for corporations that move jobs overseas. This way conditions would be optimal for  American companies to keep their jobs in the countr


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  • Jobs doing something constructive for low-skill, low-wage workers are much better than “welfare” for workers and economy in general.
  • Eleanor Weisman
  • 1) All businesses must source locally-made products that are made with renewable, minimal chemical damage ingredients; 2) workers for these businesses must be paid a living wage and the head of the company and their minions must be paid no more than a 50-1 ratio; 3) renewable energy should be encouraged as much as possible over fossil fuels; 4) conservation must be practiced at all levels to protect not only our environment, but that of animals (all of them including wolves, elephants, rhinos et al) as well. 5) Business leaders should have no say about the health care of workers – if someone needs health care they ought to get it, and this includes the possibility someone may need abortion because they have no other option regarding the preservation of their own life. Thank-you.
  • Mary Bost
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress: Bring jobs back to America
  • Paula Fougere
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress: Bring jobs back to America
  • Edith K. Mann


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