Teens Aim to Run Their Own News Channel


When it comes to having a voice, American youth are suppressed. We are silencing the future generations of this world. But to resist these "repressive efforts,"a group of teens, who are interested in politics, are creating the platform necessary to communicate their ideas to the world.

Politicast, developed by Andrew Demeter, is a platform aimed to globally syndicate content via social media and not only get the politically active involved, but to create interest among the politically inactive. The teen-run news channel is determined to harness social media and "its influence to immerse [the] world’s youth in both politics and journalism."

Demeter's efforts are aimed at amplifying the youth's voice:

Hi, my name is Andrew Demeter. I'm a 16-year-old independent journalist based in Cleveland, Ohio and the kid who confronted Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last month (while visiting Washington, D.C. for my award-winning documentary We The People, Genetically-Modifiedwhich scored "first prize" in C-SPAN's nationwide StudentCam video competition). I've also founded TeenTake, accepted a scholarship at the Mises Institute of Canada, and have recently been invited to give a TED Talk.

My work sheds light upon those topics the mainstream, corporate media simply won't touch: Bitcoin, homeschooling, false-flag terrorism, police brutality, indefinite detention, the Federal Reserve, and even mediaitself. It has been featured in the world's top news outlets, including YahooFox NewsC-SPANThe BlazeInfoWarsWashington Times, and RT. Additionally, I've appeared on local radio and television.

In these interviews (and others) I have extensively discussed the implications of the proverb 'if you don't take an interest in politics, they'll take an interest in you'. Put simply, if we're inattentive to politics — thus, the world around us — we don't care about our future; it's somebody else's responsibility.Let's change that attitude of indifference.

In order to get this broadcasting network launched, Demeter needs the support of the nation to help with major costs. Let's help his vision become a reality and let the American youth have a voice in politics and communicate their ideas to the rest of the world. 

To read more about this campaign or to contribute funds, click here. Also subscribe to the YouTube channel for the latest news on this project.  

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