Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival


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Every year thousands of dogs are butchered for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Many of the dogs are stolen, put in disgusting conditions in cages, and starved before being beaten to death or having their throats slit.

Over the years the Yulin Dog Meat Festival has lost a lot of support. Most Chinese citizens do not support it, and Yulin authorities themselves have stated they would no longer support the festival.

However this hasn’t resulted in the festival being cancelled, but rather just a smaller event with fewer dogs. Meat traders that help put on the festival are committed to putting on the event regardless of official support.

Please join with us in urging the Yulin authorities to take direct action in ending the festival for good and ending the slaughter of thousands of dogs a year.

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  • I fully support this period. Stop the slaughter and holocaust of animals.
  • Barbaric not a festival.
  • Franziska Eber
  • Sign the petition: Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  • Tess Graves
  • Peter Mellors
  • Sílvio Teixeira
  • Mr. Chen Wu. what I think of you and this disgusting slaughter I cannot write on the internet. But I will

    you sir should be skinned alive and thrown to the dogs to be eaten.

    Stop this now.

  • Sign the petition: Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  • The world must realize the horrific dog and cat slaughtering trade is still alive and well throughout much of Asia: China, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, ad nauseam.

    For example, South Korea finally has some animal protection laws, but they still exclude the pets used in the food and “medicine” industries. Pets just like your dogs and cats, and mine…. These poor creatures — like other animals in Asia — are killed as sadistically as possible (hanging, boiling alive, electrocuting, drowning, stabbing) in a medieval belief that adrenaline and pain hormones “tenderize” the animals’ flesh and make it more nutritious…

    So I am continuing to boycott as many Asian products as possible, including the likes of Samsung, Daewoo, and of course will do nothing to support the upcoming Olympic Games in South Korea or its corporate sponsors like CocaCola. Asians don’t need to eat dogs and cats, nor do they need to treat animals with such callousness & deliberate cruelty.

    My blessings on the growing number of animal protection activists in these regions and I salute their efforts and successes. But we ALL need to take action to end cruelty worldwide.
  • Michaela Treffil
  • Pls.stop Yulin Dog meat festival


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