Stop Tax Breaks for the Rich: Create a New Tax System that Doesn't Favor the Wealthy


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For every 1000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Congress, urging them to adopt a tax plan that will end tax breaks on the wealthy.

Tax breaks for the rich are completely out of hand. 

When Bill Clinton was elected president the 400 highest-earning taxpayers in America paid nearly 27 percent of their income in federal taxes, according to I.R.S. data. By 2012 that figure had fallen to less than 17 percent. This number is even lower now, and doesn’t include the loopholes and other ways the rich have used to their advantage to decrease their taxes paid.

Now House Speaker Paul Ryan has rolled out a new “consensus” republican tax plan full of rate cuts for the 1% and corporates, including repealing the estate tax and making it easier for companies to hide profits overseas.

Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan would be no better, also providing additional tax cuts for the wealthy.

A Citizens for Tax Justice analysis found that 60 percent of the tax breaks in the Ryan plan would go to the top 1% of Americans, compared to 37 percent under Trump’s plan.

It is time for us to speak out and do something about the tax breaks for the wealthy. Help us write to Congress to tell them to pass a new tax plan that stops major tax breaks for the rich and helps close the wealth gap.

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  • the obscene wealth that certain people siphon from civilization isn’t due to their hard work, it’s due to the mathematical multiples the capitalistic system provides. No one person should possess more money than 10,000 of his neighbors let alone 1 Billion humans on this planet. Anyone accumulating this miuch wealth should be taxed at 100% after the First 50 Million dollars as such a considerable sum is amready much too much for one person to control.
  • Diane Brazil
  • We have to do better than this.
  • Milton Brzozowski
  • Thomas Walter IV
  • Roger Tincknell
  • NationofChange will send a letter to Congress, urging them to adopt a tax plan that will end tax breaks on the wealthy.
  • Cindy Jensen


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