Community in Maryland Rallies Together to Stop Fracked Gas Export Terminal


In an effort to raise money for the people of Cove Point in Lusby, Maryland to help the community stop a new liquefied fracked gas export terminal from running through their community, Popular Resistance is raising awareness as well as funds to challenge Dominion Resources' project.

This is the first-ever liquefied fracked gas export terminal being built so close to a large residential population on the East Coast.

While Popular Resistance knows that stopping the $50-billion company's fracking project isn't an easy task, the activism site is putting aside their own fundraising needs to help the opposition grow against Dominion Resources and raise $20,000 for the We Are Cove Point campaign.

Also joining forces with the community of Cove Point are residents of Pennsylvania, Ohio and other neighboring states along with many climate change activists who are rallying together to "reclaim Cove Point from Dominion and to fight to save their beautiful, tranquil and historic community using whatever tools are necessary including nonviolent resistance."

Fracking is causing incredible damage to the environment, while having a negative impact on human health and the community of Cove Point is fighting back to protect their community.

After numerous studies were conducted to determine the possible health and environmental impacts of the terminal, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the refinery and export project and construction has already begun, according to We Are Cove Pointa coalition of people organized to stop it from further construction.

If you care about putting an end to fracking, protecting the environment and finding a solution for climate change, please help Popular Resistance in their fundraiser to Stop Cove Point and make a donation to the campaign: We Are Cove Point Indiegogo Campaign.

For more information, check out the website, We Are Cove Point. Know anyone else that might want to join the campaign, pass this information on because sharing is caring.


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  • Thank you Ashley for covering this important campaign. This is the first time that a fracked gas refinery and export terminal have been built in a residential community. People live directly across the street from it. There are 7,000 people in a 2-mile radius. They are at risk of a catastrophic event like an explosion or chemical spill (for example tens of thousands of gallons of ammonia will be stored on site). They are also going to be exposed to 20.4 tons of toxic chemicals a year.

    One correction I have is that there weren’t adequate environmental or safety studies done and the community is still pushing for them. We are going to do what we can to stop this dangerous and precedent-setting plant that puts not only Cove Point at risk but will drive fracking of the Marcellus shale.

    We say, “Keep it in the ground!” I hope others will support the campaign so we can do what we need to do to organize the community and fight back against Dominion.
  • Thanks for highlighting this campaign. We think it is of critical importance to stop the export of fracked gas. The only way frackers can make money is to export gas because it is so cheap in the United States. So stopping export is a key to stopping fracking.

    I want to emphasize that none of the money raised in this Indiegogo campaign will go to Popular Resistance. You are right, we do have fundraising needs but we felt that getting this campaign going was an immediate priority, so we put our own crowd-funding campaign on hold.

    People can get involved and donate here:

    And for more information on the campaign visit —

    Thanks again for letting your readers know about this important effort.


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