Social Justice Activists Seek Equal Tyranny for All (Women to be Drafted Soon)

If you ask the average feminist or Black Lives Matter activist what they want, they will likely say equality. To their detriment, they may get it.

I normally avoid these social justice warrior topics because they’re so charged with emotion that very little logic actually makes it into the discussion. But yesterday a story about a “men’s rights group” pushed me over the edge and I won’t be called a racist or a bigot for trashing them. So here it goes.

Perhaps equality a was a noble goal at one point in society’s timeline, but these groups, rightfully upset by bad treatment, seem to want to punish those with “privilege” instead of seeking those same privileges.

Like other misguided groups, this men’s rights group seeks to have women experience the same violation of rights that they face. What violation of rights do males face but females do not, you ask?

The group is suing the government claiming a male-only military draft violates Constitution:

The suit was brought by the San Diego-based National Coalition For Men nearly three years ago — after the military began considering allowing women into combat — but was thrown out at the time after the court ruled it wasn’t “ripe” because the combat role of women was then in flux.

Now on appeal, the three-judge panel heard arguments in Pasadena a week after Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that he was lifting all remaining barriers to women serving in military combat jobs.

“Things have changed,” Judge Marsha Berzon said at one point during Tuesday’s proceedings. “Right now the position is that all combat jobs are open to women, no?”

Attorneys for the federal government said the case should still be thrown out arguing, in part, that because the named plaintiff, James Lesmeister, has registered for the draft, the point is moot.

“There is no assertion in the complaint of any injury whatsoever,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sonia McNeil said.

Berzon pushed back, saying: “but they do have an assertion of an injury, i.e. ‘We have to register. If I were a woman, I wouldn’t have to register’.”

The last major challenge to male-only registration came in the 1981 case Rostker v. Goldberg, which upheld the male-only provision mainly on the grounds that women were not allowed to serve in combat.

Thus, even if the lawsuit fails, women will probably be forced to register for the military draft in the near future. I suppose I should congratulate feminists for achieving equal treatment under the Constitution, right?

I’m the father of three boys who will NOT be registering for the draft because fuck you. You don’t own them, through government or otherwise. They own themselves. And they will not fight and die in your corporate wars.

If I had daughters, I’d feel the same way. I’d feel the same way if I was black, brown or a different nationality because the principles here are peace and liberty, not someone’s fleeting definition of equality.

Albert Einstein famously said “I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I’m willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.”

If we don’t have a right to opt out of the military, we have no rights. They own us. Whoever controls the government at a given moment gets to use our bodies like playthings.  No thank you. I choose liberty. I choose peace.

Final bones to pick with social justice warriors:

  • If Black Lives Matter focused on ending the war on drugs so no one – black, white or brown – is ever violated by authorities again, I’ll stand right beside you. If you just want to collectively punish whitey, fuck off.
  • To Feminists: Women have the most important duty in the history of humanity. Embrace and empower motherhood. Or at least stop diminishing it as a vital role in society.

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