Hundreds Bused to Capitol Hill to Protest Monsanto's Attack on Democracy


Hundreds of people traveled from around the country to Washington D.C. on Dec. 10 to voice their opposition of the bill, H.R. 4432, which was getting its first hearing, in room 2123 of the Rayburn Building on Capitol Hill. Among the people were farmers, consumers and citizens fronting the grassroots movement to end corporate corruption of our food system. 

H.R. 4432 is a federal bill introduced by pro-industry representatives, which would strip states' of their right to pass GMO labeling laws, according to Common Dreams.

The bill, which the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) along with many pro-Monsanto lobbyists helped write, is a "pro-industry tirade about how foods containing genetically modified organisms are 'scientifically proven to be safe,' how labels will 'confuse' consumers and how we surely don’t want to pass any laws that might hurt (as in, hurt the bottom lines of) businesses—including (and especially) those businesses that have already spent more than $100 million to make sure consumers don’t win the right to know the truth about the ingredients these companies are putting in the food products they want us to buy," according to Common Dreams.

Inside the hearing both Republicans and Democrats "regurgitated" the bill's points and refused to hear any information that would refute the industry-backed bill.

Opposers of the bill said H.R. 4432 will deny states' their right to GMO labels and will keep consumers in the dark about the foods they are eating.

“This country is predicated on free and open debate. Don’t censor that debate by the use of federal legislation to shut down what we can know and what we can talk about, based on knowledge,” Jonathan Emord, a Washington D.C. attorney, said to the crowd that gathered outside on Dec. 10.

While many of the activists traveled to Washington D.C. to sit in the hearing before the House Energy & Commerce subcommittee on Health, only a few got seats. Instead, the seats were occupied by people who were paid off by Monsanto to hold them and then later occupied by pro-Monsanto lobbyists and members of the GMA.

But that didn't stop an inspiring crowd outside. Many held banners, made speeches and vowed to continue their fight against the Monsta!

Click here to learn more about the grassroots movement and to get involved in the fight.

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