Project Vote Smart: The Facts Behind the Politicians


Have you ever wondered about a politicians work history? Maybe interested in their voting records? Or wanted to hear their public statements? Well now there is a new online website that acts as a tool for American citizens to "strengthen the most essential component of democracy—access to information." Project Vote Smart provides citizens with intricate information about elected officials from the president to members of local governments.

Started in the Montana Rockies, Project Vote Smart, a non-profit organization, is made up of mostly volunteers who dedicate their time to provide an online database that gives citizens access to "abundant, accurate and relevant information about those who govern us and those who wish to replace those who do."

Through the Voter's Self-Defense System, citizens can easily and instantly access a plethora of information about each politician. The system is broken into sections, which makes it easier to find the answers to some of the most thought-after questions. Here is a list of the breakdown of Project Vote Smart's website:

  • Voting Records

    Voting Records -- Project Vote Smart digests key legislation in Congress and all 50 states into easy-to-understand summaries, making it easy to compare what your representatives said during the campaign with how they actually voted on the record.
  • Biographical & Contact Information

    Biographical & Contact Information -- From their previous professions, education, family life, and organizational memberships, to their latest e-mail address; we gather it all.
  • Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)

    Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) -- We test thousands of candidates for President, Congress, Governor and State Legislature with our Political Courage Test. The Test accurately measures candidates' willingness to provide voters with their positions on the issues they will most likely face if elected.
  • Interest Group Ratings

    Interest Group Ratings -- See how over 150 competing special interest groups evaluate your representatives. Despite their bias, special interest group ratings can help indicate where an incumbent has stood on a particular set of issues.
  • Public Statements

    Public Statements -- Vote Smart is constantly collecting speeches and public comments made by the president, governors, and congressional representatives. Just type in a word, say; 'immigration' and all public utterances containing the word 'immigration' will appear. Compare what they said while campaigning in California a few years ago to what they are saying now in New Hampshire.
  • Campaign Finances

    Campaign Finances -- How much money did your representatives raise and from whom?

Not only is Project Vote Smart a political junkie's haven, it is a straight-forward, reliable nonpartisan political site that is creating transparency in American politics. In our struggle to self-govern, voting smart is the key to forcing the re-emergence of political power and Project Vote Smart is the tool.

For more information, click here and get your political answers at Project Vote Smart.

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