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Take Back Our Food System from Big Food—Sign the Pledge to Buy Non-GMO

Have you ever asked yourself why our food is being produced and modified by the biotech industry?

While the government isn't doing anything about it, it's up to consumers to take back our food system from "powerful industries with bottomless pockets." We have been made into science projects and it's time we take matters into our own hands. With no national mandatory labeling laws for GMO foods, both lobbyists as well as food companies are paying millions of dollars to make sure that it stays that way.

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With H.R. 1599 or Denying Americans the Right to Know Act (DARK) close to Senate approval, consumers' Right to Know what's in our food under a GMO-labeling initiative is at stake. Our health is being compromised as our government sells out to "multi-million dollar public relations and lobbying campaigns built on lies and deception."

Genetically-modified organisms have caused years of damage—recent studies show GMOs cause a multitude of health risks including tumors and organ damage, and contribute to climate change.

As GMOs continue to invade our food system, you can do your part by buying certified organic products with the USDA Organic seal as well as looking for products that bear the “Non-GMO Project” stamp of approval (these products have been through a non-GMO certification process).

So don’t be kept in the dark about what you're eating and misled by bogus marketing claims from Big Foods and the Grocery Manufacturing Association. It's our right to know what's in our food. 

Starting now, we ask you to take the pledge to avoid Big Food companies and products that contain GMOs. It's time we vote with our wallets to take back our food system and our health.

Please, click here to sign the pledge to Buy Non-GMO and use the list below for non-GMO product and brand verification:

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  • Going back to basics is a good thing.
  • Cindy Jensen
  • Barbara Spencer
  • Sign the petition: Pledge to Buy Non-GMO
  • I will never buy GMO or support Monsanto.
  • You can’t leave us all in the dark.
  • Margaret P Meyer
  • Carolyn Ricketts
  • Sheila Moore
  • Will not consume your Slow Poisons.
  • Sign the petition: Pledge to Buy Non-GMO
  • Rosemarie Bundy
  • charlie McCullagh
  • Sign the petition: Pledge to Buy Non-GMO


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