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Pledge to Boycott Koch Products Sign!
Tell Governor Pat McCrory to Officially Repeal North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Sign!
Tell Congress: Let Borrowers Refinance Their Student Loans Sign!
Tell Congress: Bring jobs back to America Sign!
Tell Congress to Regulate Prescription Drug Prices Sign!
Tell the FDA to Ban Artificial Sweeteners Sign!
Tell President Trump to Address Food and Agriculture in His Climate Action Plans Sign!
Tell Congress: Close Tax Loopholes! Sign!
Tell the FDA to Routinely Screen Food for Glyphosate Sign!
Tell the U.S. Government Not to Opt Out of Paris Climate Agreement Victory!
Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Sign!
Save the Renewable Fuel Standard Sign!
Tell Canada to Stop the Commercial Seal Hunts Sign!
Tell Congress: End Tiger Poaching Sign!
Help Save the Andersoni Moose Sign!
Tell the EPA to Correct and Clarify Unsupported Topline Finding on Fracking Victory!
Tell the NYPD: Release Records of Undercover Operations at Black Lives Matter Protests Sign!
Tell the Federal Elections Commission to Make Tax Return Disclosure a Requirement Sign!
Overturn Citizens United Sign!
Tell El Cajon Police to Release Video Footage of Alfred Olango Shooting Sign!
Support Stronger Air Pollution Standards Sign!
Tell the Trump Administration to stop Big Oil from Completing the Dakota Access Pipeline Sign!
Tell Congress: Give Regulatory Agencies Enough Funding to do Their Jobs Sign!
Tell the EPA: Stop Dumping Fracking Waste into the Gulf of Mexico Sign!
End New American Slavery: Tell the Department of Justice to Stop the System of Forced Prison Labor Sign!
Let Third Parties Debate: Lower the Polling Limit Requirement Sign!
End the U.S. Policy of Perpetual War Sign!
Stop Tax Breaks for the Rich: Create a New Tax System that Doesn't Favor the Wealthy Sign!
Create New Transition Programs for Veterans Returning Home Sign!
Tell Charlotte Police to Release Video Footage of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Sign!
Tell Congress: Ban Plastic Kitchenware! Sign!
Sea Turtles: Stop the Illegal Poaching in Mexico Sign!
GMO Labeling: Support Your Right to Know Victory!
Raise the Federal Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers Sign!
Fight Pollinator Decline: Tell the EPA to Save the Bees Sign!
It's Time the FDA Completely Bans BPA Sign!
End Dark Money: Tell the FEC to Require the Disclosure of Secret Donors During Political Campaigns Sign!
Pledge to Buy Non-GMO Sign!
Get the Fossil Fuels Out of Climate Policymaking Sign!
Tell Governor Snyder to Stop Making Flint Residents Pay for Contaminated Water Sign!
Raise the Minimum Wage: Join the Fight for 15 Sign!
Don't Let the Government Keep Us in the DARK Victory!
Stop the GM Apple from Entering Our Food System Sign!
Tell Cruise Lines to Clean Up Their Act and Reduce Carbon Footprint Sign!
Gun Control: Amend the Constitution Sign!
Stop Monsanto: Support Mandatory GMO Labeling Sign!
Tell Congress: Don’t Cut Important School Lunch Programs for Poor Children Sign!
End the Dickey Amendment: Tell Congress to Allow Research on Gun Violence Sign!
Tell the FDA to Cut Animal Cruelty Out of Cosmetics Sign!
End Whaling in Japan Sign!
Protect the Bats from Lethal Wind Turbines Sign!
Help Protect Rhinos from Becoming Extinct Sign!
Help California End Killer Whale Shows and Entertainment Victory!


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