Peace and Planet Mobilization


As you know, the struggle to abolish nuclear weapons connects deeply with struggles to end and prevent wars and militarism, increase peace, and achieve economic, environmental and racial justice in our local communities and around the world.

Every day between now and our mobilization, we’ll add a new fact to the Peace & Planet Fact Countdown to raise awareness about the interrelated issues we’re focusing on:

  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
  • Climate Change & Environmental Justice
  • Moving the Money (economic and social justice)
  • New Era of Wars and Confrontations (US, NATO, Russia, China, Middle East, “Arc of Instability,” & arms races)
  • Racism and Militarism of Policing

We’re also using the Facts to encourage widespread participation in the April 24-26 Mobilization, and to drive support for the Petition for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons​ (a printable petition is available for download here)​.

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How To Use The Facts: Here are just a few ideas for how your group can use each Fact-a-Day to educate and mobilize your members, policymakers, the media and the general public.

  • Feature the Facts on your website, and encourage people to sign our petition!
  • Share the facts with your networks through e-mail lists and social media
  • Use them on T-shirts, billboards, posters, signs, and banners
  • Print them as headlines in newsletters, flyers, and publications
  • Send them to your Congressional Representatives or Parliamentarians
  • Feature them in letters to the editor and op-eds you submit to your local and national newspapers

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the United States atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also marks 45 years since the first five nuclear powers agreed in Article VI of the NPT to undertake good faith negotiations for the elimination of their nuclear arsenals. It is long past time for the world’s people to call to account all those who exercise power by threatening nuclear annihilation.

  • We call upon the parties to the NPT to use the 2015 Review Conference to immediately, without delay, develop a time-bound framework for negotiating the total ban and elimination of all nuclear arsenals.
  • We call on the four states outside the Treaty that have nuclear arms, India, Israel, North Korea, and Pakistan, to join in any such negotiations, immediately and without delay.
  • We urge all people who hope to build a fair, democratic, ecologically sustainable and peaceful future to join us in New York City and around the world for international days of action, including:
    • An international peace, justice and environmental conference – April 24 & 25;
    • A major international rally, march to the United Nations and peace festival – April 26;
    • Nonviolent demonstrations, protest actions and numerous side events to press our demands for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons, and for economic justice and environmental sustainability;
    • The presentation to the NPT Review Conference of millions of signatures on petitions calling for nuclear weapons abolition;
    • Youth and student organizing; and
    • An Interfaith Service for Nuclear Weapons Abolition

Let our numbers be so large that our voices are certain to be heard inside the UN and around the world! For more information, visit

April 24, 2015 at 12pm - April 27, 2015

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