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As one of the most influence people in the world, it was once thought that Oprah Winfrey was an advocate for the organic and GMO Free Movement. After recently learning about her "growing affinity for organics"—not only does she own an organic farm on Maui, Hawaii, Oprah recently branded her own organic food line called “Oprah’s Organics”—it was thought that she could "propel the organic and GMO Free movement to the next level."

But this all surprisingly changed when the talk show host and media mogul became part Monsanto's "burgeoning multi-million dollar advertising campaign" inside her best-selling, worldwide magazine, O. While Oprah didn't come out in support of Monsanto, we can't help but think she sold out to one of the "biggest land polluters and most hated companies in the world."

It's time we call her out on it and ask where her true allegiances lie.

In a campaign to get Oprah to reconsider the ads, which are slated for publication in 2015, we must pressure her to pull the ad from her magazine. Oprah's decision to accept a GMO ad after the magazine extensively cover GMO labeling and potential health risks associated with GMOs is absurd. With “more than 100 species of fruits, vegetables and herbs growing" on her organic farm, why are Monsanto’s suicide seeds gracing the pages of Oprah's magazine?

We need to pressure Oprah to put her money where her mouth is and help rid the world of GMOs.

We thought Oprah was on our side! "This is definitely out of character for a woman who owns an organic farm" and has "discuss the dangers of GMOs."

Join our campaign to stop the biotech giant from being featured in the pages of Oprah’s magazine.

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  • Rob Gordon
  • laura bez
  • I am SO disappointed with Oprah. I

    urge my friends to NOT read her magazine.
  • Sign the petition: Tell Oprah to Stop Supporting the Biotech Insdustry by Allowing Monsanto in Her Magazine
  • Sign the petition: Tell Oprah to Stop Supporting the Biotech Insdustry by Allowing Monsanto in Her Magazine
  • Monsanto poisons people.
  • Emily LaBrenz
  • Elizabeth Reshower says: I love you, but help us keep poisons out of our world. Thank you.
  • Oprah you are such a disappointment…Shame on you putting money before people’s health..
  • this is a truly evil company with no moral compass
  • Monsanto is a multibillion dollar business profiting from selling poisonous chemicals and dominating the agriculture industry.
  • Gail henigman= What happens to people like Winfrey? Does too much money turn most people into

    psychos? A few years back she did a courageous show about the evils of the meat industry and now she’s okay with Monsanto? What gives?


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