Organic Consumers Association Urges Bernie Sanders to Lead the Fight for Federally Mandated GMO Labeling


In an open letter to Bernie Sanders, the Organic Consumer's Association is urging Sen. Bernie Sander to lead an effort to federally mandate genetically modified organism labeling.

The open letter asks Sanders to protect consumers' right to know what's in their food and urge other members of the Senate to reject H.R. 1599 dubbed the Denying American's the Right to Know or DARK Act.

“Senator Sanders is in a unique position to draw mass media attention to this anti-consumer, pro-industry legislation, and to persuade fellow members of the U.S. Senate to make certain H.R. 1559, or any bill preempting state or federal mandatory labeling of GMOs, never becomes law in this country,” Ronnie Cummins, OCA’s international director, said.

After the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1599 and if voted in favor of in the Senate, the bill would "preempts states’ rights to pass laws requiring the mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms and prevent passage of a federal mandatory GMO labeling law," according to OCA's press release.

The House sold out to the big food industry's Grocery Manufacturing Association after 275 Representatives voted in favor of H.R. 1599. But the sell out came after the House reportedly received more than "$29 million in contributions from the agribusiness and food industries in the 2014 cycle."

“We call on Sen. Sanders to lead the charge against this unconstitutional bill,” Cummins said.

Read the open letter here.

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