Unprecedented Video Campaign Features Climate Scientists Sharing Their Personal Stories to Spur Action


More Than Scientists, launching today, brings together climate scientists, advocacy organizations and the public in an innovative campaign that offers a unique glimpse into the real life stories, personal views and feelings of the experts on climate change. 

Not the science itself, but why it matters—what it will mean for our children and grandchildren.

More Than Scientists is a growing community of climate scientists stepping out from behind the data to share their stories. From leading universities such as MIT, the University of Washington and Harvard, they are parents, artists, hikers and musicians providing their hopes for the future and what they fear will happen if we don’t act now to reverse the impacts of climate change.

“Of all the generations in history, ours will be the one which will be judged the harshest if we don’t start to turn this ship around,” says John Michael Wallace, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at University of Washington.

These videos have the power to change the future by engaging more people to get involved and focus on solutions.

“We created More Than Scientists to make a better connection between the scientists and the people that need to hear their message,” said Eric Michelman, the director of the campaign and long-time climate activist. “We want the public to meet the people behind the science and understand why they care about the world we’re leaving to our kids and grandkids.”

More Than Scientists uses scientists’ personal stories to engage people and drive action. It represents the 97% of climate scientists who know climate change is real, humans are causing it and we have the power to reverse it. More than 30 organizations will help share these messages from the people that see firsthand the reality we face, how it will affect future generations and the solutions to fix it.

“I do have hope for the future,” says LuAnne Thompson, Professor of Oceanography at the University of Washington. “And that is because I work with undergraduates and graduate students all the time … I see my daughter and her friends and they have immense energy for making positive changes in the future. We have to make changes now that will allow them to bring their ingenuity, their talent and their drive to build a better future.”

The campaign goal is to inspire millions of people to get involved. From taking personal action to joining an advocacy organization to speaking with elected officials, More Than Scientists will encourage people to join in the fight to combat climate change.

“I’m very excited about this new campaign. Too few people have seen the lighter and more personal side of climate scientists,” said climate scientist Michael E. Mann, director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center and advisory board member of More Than Scientists.

“Many of us are science nerds. But we are ordinary people too, and like anyone else, we care about our children and grandchildren, and the health of the world we leave behind for them. So I’m very excited about this new campaign and the promise it holds for communicating that message to the public.”

More than 200 videos, created by dozens of climate scientists, were released today on the MoreThanScientists.org website. The campaign invites scientists from around the world to contribute their own videos to add their voices to the message.

Press release contact: Stefanie Spear

Read more at NationofChange.

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