McDonald's Announces Its Rejection of GMO Potatoes


Even fast food chains are saying no to GMO crops. In a recent announcement by McDonald's, the mega company pledged it would not source GMO potatoes from their current supplier,  J.R. Simplot Company.

Innate, the new approved GMO potato will soon hit the produce section of various grocery stores, but they won't be served to consumers at McDonald's. In a press release from Food & Water Watch, the organization called the decision a " victory for consumers" and and found it to be "another indication that the food industry recognizes that consumers do not want to eat GMO foods."

While many Americans already limit their amount of fast food intake, fast food chains are feeling the effects of the transforming public consciousness about what we eat and drink. And being a global leader in fast food sales, McDonald's "decision marks a milestone in the movement to protect consumers from the potential dangers of GMO foods."

But the real question is whether or not competing fast foods chains will follow McDonald's lead?

Press Release: 

McDonald's Rejects GMO Potatoes, Other Fast Food Chains Should Follow Suit

WASHINGTON - “This week McDonald's, one of the largest fast food chains on the planet, told an agriculture news service that it would not use the J.R. Simplot Company’s Innate GMO potato. This victory for consumers is another indication that the food industry recognizes that consumers do not want to eat GMO foods. Many parents are already limiting the amount of fast food that their children eat, and GMO french fries would give them another reason to pass by the golden arches. Over the past year, Food & Watch submitted over 90,000 petitions urging McDonald's to reject GMO potatoes. 

“While we cannot speak to the rest of McDonald’s practices, this decision marks a milestone in the movement to protect consumers from the potential dangers of GMO foods. McDonald’s is a global leader in fast food sales and is a major purchaser of potatoes in the United States. 

“Consumers spoke, and McDonald's listened. We now urge competing fast foods chains such as Burger King to follow its lead.”

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  • Okay, SKO, am I to assume you are one of the “educated” ones? If you are, then I will not need to tell you that evidence is the currency of the educated. Therefore I invite you to present yours. The citation I used was the writings of a plant biologist working in the field.
  • People educated themselves and then MacDonalds..power to the people and the genetically healthy potato.
  • “Consumers spoke”. So, people who do not understand the technology and who have been conditioned to be fearful, voice their fears and these companies react. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, people whose job it is to get up each day and exhaustively study these subjects- judge them to be safe. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. He is probably operating on a little thing called evidence. I refer readers here:


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