Masked and Marching—Million Mask March Goes Global


All across the world united in face and values, millions protested against mass surveillance, government austerity and social injustice. Crowding the streets in more than 400 cities, yesterday marked the third annual Million Mask March.

Decked out in Anonymous masks—inspired by the movie, "V for Vendetta”—activists participated in the worldwide act of mass civil disobedience organized by Anonymous, a "loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities," to protect the rights of the people. The focus of the Million Mask March centered around the rejection of global surveillance by the NSA along with anti-capitalist idealism. 

“The internet has the power to bring down regimes. That is what terrifies them. That is why they are now monitor our phone calls, they monitor our emails, and they monitor our free speech. It terrifies them. They have no particular jurisdiction over the internet. It belongs to everyone,” Old Holborn, member of the movement told RT from London.

From Sydney to Los Angeles, China and South Africa, people rallied together to make their voices heard. While some organized protester were mere gatherings, other protests were more intense. Those cities included London and Washington D.C.

In Parliament Square, "activists engaged in a tense and prolonged stand-off with police," according to RT. The stand-offs resulted in a few arrests, but that didn't stop thousands from taking to the city streets protesting "government corruption, corporate malfeasance and the expanding surveillance state."

And in Washington D.C., clashes with police resulted in a few arrests.

The message behind the civil disobedience was to stand against global governance. 

"The government and the economy do everything to make us dependent of money and that cannot be the solution. The solution is to do everything together. We could make the world a lot more beautiful when we stop being against each other," a protester in Berlin told RT in an interview.

The Million Mask March is part of the week-long March Against Corruption; an international campaign to raise awareness about the corrupting influence of money and special interests in governance and public policy making. For a list of upcoming events, click here.


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  • This is wonderful; it has taken maybe 20 years to finally
    see a “V” demonstration. What a powerful movie and its’
    message even more powerful…….we will overcome.


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