#MarchAgainstCorruption Gains Momentum as the Global March Nears


Corruption is racing through the bloodstream of America, influencing money, special interests in governance and public policy making. But one group is banding together globally to combat corruption. 

March Against Corruption, founded by Louis Frank Leo IV, a trial lawyer from South Florida and founder of PeopleOverPolitics.org, is a group that organizes international actions, to stand against corruption through “effectively eliminating the corrupt powers that enslave the people of the world.”

“Because I realized that unless we build a mass movement against corruption, nothing will ever change,” Leo said.

Now a “culmination of many different activists’ journeys,” March Against Corruption is a grassroots movement consisting of a coalition of anti-corruption activists, bloggers, businesses and organizations worldwide. To better understand the group and its mission as well as ways to get involved, Leo provides answers to such questions and different ways to take action during a one-on-one interview about March Against Corruption.

Ashley Curtin: What is March Against Corruption and how was the group formed? 

Louis Frank Leo IV: The March Against Corruption is a network and coalition of anti-corruption activists and organizations from all around the world. We formed mid-2013 and our first global day of action kicked off on November 2, 2013 with over 11,000 confirmed participants in more than 70 cities around the world.

AC: Why did you decide to start March Against Corruption?

LFL: I realized that unless we build a mass movement against corruption. Nothing will ever change. The corrupt two parties’ duopoly will continue to maintain an illusion of democracy and the status quo.

We have so many participants from other groups like Occupy, Anonymous, Represent Us, Wolf PAC, Move to Amend, March Against Monsanto…

AC: What is the group's mission?

LFL: Our mission is to raise awareness about the corrupting influence of money and special interests in governance and public policy making—to provide a forum for people, regardless of political affiliation or agenda, to organize and speak out against corruption—and to educate the public about the consequences of corruption.

AC: When is the next protest/activism?

LFL: In January, we launched MarchAgainstCorruption.com, which now provides activists with the tools they need to connect, share and organize anti-corruption activities independent of limited and often censored social media networks. 

Our latest call to action, #March2014, kicked off on March 1 with demonstrations and protests taking place in dozens of cities around the world. 

There are two upcoming global action campaigns that the March Against Corruption will be participating in—the first of which is the Worldwide Wave Of Action scheduled to begin on April 4; the second is the May 24 Worldwide March Against Monsanto.

AC: How can people get involved?

LFL: We encourage everyone to connect with his or her local anti-corruption organizations and March Against Corruption groups. There are many region & location-specific pages that have been created since our first campaign.

If you can’t find one in your region or area…  Why not create one?

Activists and organizers can register and start organizing on our website MarchAgainstCorruption.com; Join us on our official Facebook Page; official Facebook Group; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube and help spread the word both on and offline.

Some of the hashtags that are being used in social media content to raise awareness include: #MarchAgainstCorruption #March2014 #WaveOfAction #MarchAgainstMonsanto 

AC: What do you accomplish through activism?

LFL: In my opinion, our biggest accomplishment thus far has been connecting and uniting thousands of anti-corruption activists around the globe and raising awareness.

AC: Going forward, how will you use such activism to end corruption? 

LFL: We shall continue to provide anti-corruption activists and organizers the tools and network needed to fight corruption not only on a global and national scale, but in our local communities as well. 

For more information about the global campaign or to find an event nearest you, click here.

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