Labeling Isn’t Enough to Stop Monsanto


Bear with me while I share some realizations that I have had over the last few months about how I fear fighting to label GMOs may be a huge waste of time and energy. I am worried that many in the non-GMO movement think this is the ultimate objective, that when there is finally a label on a package, the fight is over.

While GMO labeling is a great fantasy, possibly an attainable one, and definitely a first, small step in the right direction, it leaves a multitude of serious problems unresolved.

For starters, labeling does nothing to stop powerful corporations like Monsanto and The Grocery Manufacturers Association from infiltrating our government and eroding our rights. Time and time again, politicians are bought and votes are paid for. Examples such asThe Monsanto Protection Act and the even more ominous DARK Act leave little doubt in any mind who our representation is, in fact, representing. Millions have been spent by corrupt corporations to deny Americans the right to know what they are eating. It begs the question, what good are solutions like labeling, front yard gardens, or seed sharing when paid off politicians can simply shove a law through, preempting our rights and trumping our liberties? Labeling will not fix this corruption.

This gives away to another huge problem, the revolving door occurring between the FDA, USDA, Monsanto and the U.S. government. Instead of a government of the people, our federal government could be more accurately described as a government of Monsanto. The regulating bodies responsible for ensuring food safety and environmental protection are corroded with Monsanto henchmen, and routinely choose their biotech buddies over the health of the people and the planet. The FDA, for example, does not require a single safety study, doesn’t enforce any type of labeling, and allows companies to put their GMO-laden “foods” on grocery shelves without even notifying the agency. With Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto Vice President in charge of food safety at the FDA, why would there be any regulation or legitimate safety testing?

And although there have been animal studies finding GMOs do cause organ failuretumors, digestive disordersinfertility and accelerated aging, any scientist who brings forth negative findings is attacked, gagged, fired, threatened, or denied funding. The journal, Nature highlighted this when stating, “a large block of scientists…denigrate research by other legitimate scientists in a knee-jerk, partisan, emotional way that is not helpful in advancing knowledge.” Labeling does not stop fraudulent science or misconduct within our regulating agencies.

Another giant problem left unanswered by merely demanding labeling is the extinction type die-off we are witnessing in various species, specifically the honeybees. Bees are dying at a frightening rate and labeling will not save our pollinators. Nor will it prevent the cross-contamination and pollution of our organic farms.

Labeling does nothing to address the staggering amounts of carcinogenic herbicides like Round Up which is not only doused on GMO crops in shocking volume but, in the instance of “Round-Up Ready” seeds, manipulated into the seed at the cellular level. Instead, labeling only legitimizes the use of these chemicals and technologies.

Monsanto, who created Round Up, would have you believe that their toxic herbicide is safe, even once claiming it was bio-degradable. However, Round Up has been found in rain and air samples. Glyphosate, the main component in Round Up, is being found in the urine of people who have never handled the herbicide. And, most disturbing of all, it is being found in the cord blood of pregnant women and thebreast milk of nursing mothers. Round Up has been shown to cause birth defectscancerembryonic death and organ damage in animals even in very low doses. It’s not surprising we are seeing such unprecedented rises in diseases and cancer especially in children, as their tiny bodies are fetally exposed to a horrific chemical that Monsanto claims is safe. It is intolerable and labeling does nothing to solve this crime against humanity.

Labeling is nothing but a blip on the scope of what we must all come together to achieve. We must go for the jugular. Our government must be held accountable to the people they represent and not corporate dollars. An immediate ban on Round Up is necessary before any more catastrophic damage is done to people and the planet. Finally, it is time for a moratorium on GMOs until the science can be explored ethically and independent, rigorous safety testing can be done without corporate influence. As it stands, not a single study has ever been done ensuring GMOs are safe for long-term human consumption. We ARE the experiment. An entire generation is being sacrificed while Monsanto dances on our rights and buys the government, and we’re too distracted to see the bigger battle because we are fighting for a label on a box.

This isn’t something to shelve for another day. Get involved! Be a part of the Food Justice march happening October 16th-17th in D.C. We are taking our demands to the doorsteps of those who continue to ignore our voices. Until then, please continue to vote with your wallets by choosing responsible companies. Call your senators and demand a ‘NO’ vote on the DARK Act. Let’s remind our elected officials they work for the American people and not corrupt corporations with big bank accounts. It is up to each of us to do our part to eradicate this invasive attack on our food, our health, and our planet.

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