Stop Monsanto: Support Mandatory GMO Labeling


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For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to the Trump administration demanding mandatory GMO labeling and the right to know what we're eating.

[Update 1/20/2017: We have surpassed 2,000 signatures! NationofChange has sent the first letter to the Obama administration with your signatures and will continue to send a letter for every 1,000 signatures we receive.]

Stand up to Monsanto and tell the Obama Administration to Support Mandatory GMO Labeling

Genetically engineered foods stock the shelves in grocery stores. But consumers' rights to know what they are eating and feeding to their families is being blocked throughout the U.S. by the biotech companies that manufacture the GE ingredients. 

Sixty-four countries, and counting, currently require labels on genetically engineered foods, including Australia, Russia, China and Japan. And while the U.S. is trying to follow suit and "require transparency in genetically engineered food labeling," the FDA has yet to act. 

According to the White House, a recent survey revealed that "nearly all Democrats (93 percent), Independents (90 percent) and Republicans (89 percent) support labeling of GMOs. So it is time we stop biotech companies, like Monsanto, from paying off the FDA and deceiving the public, and support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. 

Sign the petition and tell the Trump Administration we have the right to know what we're eating.

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  • Kathleen Pfoutz
  • Sign the petition: Stop Monsanto and Support Mandatory GMO Labeling
  • Sign the petition: Stop Monsanto and Support Mandatory GMO Labeling
  • I think the Trump Administration needs to make sure that every county & state must stand up to GMO labeling, because the food industry has to have to right know whether their products contain genetically engineered ingredients on our food products. But Monsanto doesn’t want to know the facts, because they control 90 percent of seed supply & it’s getting too out of control. So we must tell the Trump administration that he must stop the biotech companies from controlling our food supply & support the labeling of GMO foods.
  • Consumers have THE RIGHT to know what is in their and how it got there!!!! Damn you for allowing such secrecy and despicable abuse of the food supply and assaults on democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    About 90% of the public supports GMO labeling so let it happen!!!!!!!!!
  • Annette Pirrone :
  • Stop poisoning the world .
  • 29 countries now outlaw GMO foods and seeds. But Monsanto/Bayer has our Congress by the balls and they make them do anything they want. It is a disgrace to our entire Congress that they are willing to let the American public be poisoned by food because of money and greed!
  • Marian Ahler
  • Sign the petition: Stop Monsanto and Support Mandatory GMO Labeling


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