Tell Congress: Keep the pre-existing condition clause for health insurance


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For every 1000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Congress demanding that they keep the pre-existing condition clause in their new health care plan.

Before Obamacare it was nearly impossible for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to find health insurance coverage.

Now that President Trump and the Republican Party are in power and want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with their own health care system, millions of people are once again in danger of not qualifying for health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Even those that do qualify may face extremely expensive and/or limited insurance coverage.

Please join us in demanding that Congress retain the pre-existing condition clause for whatever health care system they plan to replace Obamacare with so that millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions can maintain their level of health care without their price skyrocketing.

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  • Irene O’Neill
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress: Keep the pre-existing condition clause for health insurance
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress: Keep the pre-existing condition clause for health insurance
  • Refusing coverage for those with pre-existing conditions helps the insurance companies, but does little for the millions who may be found to have had those conditions – even without knowing it. If insurance companies can’t afford to cover these millions, it’s time for a single-payer system.
  • Robbing Medicaid to give millions to the already rich is an abomination on so many levels & is ridiculous to the extreme. Make REAL budget cuts that do not further burden the already burdened. For instance making Trump et al pay for their own security on all business for profit trips… put a limit cap on Trump “southern White House” related expenses as there is only one White House which already has adequate security in place… same goes for costs at Trump Tower as being Melania’s primary home instead of the White House. That these unnecessary and exorbitant costs are on the backs of the taxpayers is in Trump speak both “BAD!“ AND “SICK!”.
  • i have MSK a form of cystic kindey diease . I am 38 and havent had insurance my whole life due to this pre exsistaning condition. i recently had a couple major surgeries costing 70000 dollars and to think i owe already 90000 in past due bills i was so grateful to finally have iunsurance. my out of picket cost is 3000 but whats that compared to 70000 please keep this in the bill
  • Brenda P Troup


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