It's Time the FDA Completely Bans BPA


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For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to the EPA demanding that they completely ban BPA from all food and drink packaging.

[Update 12/10/2016: We have surpassed 1,000 signatures! NationofChange has sent the first letter to the EPA. We will continue to send a letter with your signatures for every 1,000 signatures we receive.]

The primary source of exposure of bisphenol A or BPA is through the diet, yet the FDA allows this toxic chemical, which is linked to cancer and other diseases, to be used in most food and drink packaging. While the FDA banned the use of the chemical in baby bottles and children's cups, the FDA must protect the American people in its entirety.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor, which interferes with the processing of natural hormones within the human body, and is determined to be very hazardous to human health, according to Medical News Today (MNT).

Evidence proves the chemical to be harmful and links it to infertility, depression, ADHD and autism among several other diseases, but BPA is consistently present in plastic water bottles, epoxy resins that coat the inside of cans, some dental fillings and sealants and paper receipts. We can't avoid it.

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 95 percent of adult urine samples contain BPA. This shocking statistic confirms the need to completely ban this chemical from daily exposure for the health and safety of humans.

It is time Americans are protected from "unwittingly consuming a dangerous chemical."

Let's take action and tell the FDA to completely ban BPA from all food and drink packaging.

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  • I hate to say things like this but…, are we all that stupid, delusional and ignorant? Its a Trump administration. There barely is any FDA n EPA n anything else right now. How are they going to make any proper notion for humanity for the next four years?! This is a consumer economy, DONT BUY IT!! Dont suport those who use it, WRITE the companies n tell them. Tell your companies to stop using it in everything the use, all the way down to your receipt paper. Stop asking for yr receipt, tell the teller or cashier n tell them to tell their managers to stop using it. Fast Food n anybody else wontchange easily, but have changed for our benifit in the past. Show u care or they will continue to feed us harmful plastic to ruin our physical health and aluminum in our water toothpaste and anything else to ruin our mental health n keep us mindless consumers. You are a commodity and consuming slave to them, nothing more. Nor will you ever be. Thats why they are pro-life and at the same time Pro-War to fight for that “American” way of life.. pro-consumerism is the American way. Or is it?! U have a choice, christian, muslim, buddhist or atheist. Your well being along wth yr neighbor’s should be top priority.
  • Sign the petition: It's Time the FDA Completely Bans BPA
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