Healing Herbs Nepal


In Nepal, people harvest herbal remedies straight from the forests and mountains where they live. These herbs are part of Nepal’s centuries-old indigenous Ayurvedic healthcare system which emphasizes disease prevention through proper diet and life style.

Medicinal herbs are used both to boost immunity and to treat disease when it arises. But because these remedies have become increasingly popular around the world, Nepal’s native herb supply is diminishing rapidly. And the money from their harvest goes mostly to middlemen rather than to the harvesters themselves.

Healing Herbs Nepal is designed to transform an exploitative and environmentally degrading medicinal herb trade into one that:

  1. Protects Nepal's endangered medicinal herbs by training herb collectors how to farm these herbs rather than pick them from their native habitat; and
  2. Elevates farmers out of poverty by organizing them into cooperatives that cuts exploitative middlemen out of the supply chain. 

The implementation of the Healing Herbs Nepal program we take place in 2 phases.

  1. In the first phase we will conduct a 2 year pilot study on a 10 hectare plot of land in the Nepal village of Rajahar to demonstrate the economic feasibility of this program. 
  2. Once we complete a 2 year pilot study, we will be well-positioned to attract the social impact investment needed to carry out the second phase of Healing Herbs Nepal - the engagement of hundreds of farmers to begin with and thousands of farmers as the program expands. 

Executive summary

An executive summary of the Healing Herbs Nepal project is available in PDF or Word format.

Live Campaign

Our live campaign on Indiegogo can be found on: http://igg.me/p/596958/x/5480945

This story was originally published on Earth Open Source.

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