Will the Green Rush Campaign Help With Radical Reform?


A movement aimed at concrete radical reform, the Green Rush is promoting a new economy by and for the 99 percent through monetary reform and marijuana legalization. As they “plant the seeds for a new economy,” the campaign is calling for Occupy organizers to begin organizing around specific needs.

Together with Occupy the Federal Reserve, the Green Rush campaign will band together and protest on Sept. 17 outside the Federal Reserve in New York City in favor of a radical economic reform.

According to Occupy.com, the Green Rush calls for “nationalization of the Federal Reserve through the National Emergency Employment Defence Act (NEED)”—a bill initially proposed by Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio Congressman, to make the Federal Reserve fall under the U.S. Treasury—along with the legalization of marijuana in New York.

Founded by Harrison Tesoura Schultz and Lorna Shannon, dedicated anarchist activists, the Green Rush’s objective is to build a grassroots movement into a full-fledged political movement aimed to increase congressional support of the NEED Act, which sits stagnant, according to their website, Just Activism.

The NEED Act is the official monetary plank of the Green Party, who also support the push to legalize medical and recreational cannabis and industrial hemp as revealed in the People’s First Grassroots Conference on Monetary Policy, which took place in Washington D.C. in March, according to Occupy.com. The goal of Green Rush is to bridge the gap and “welcome politicians and candidates who share [their] values and invite them into the Green Rush coalition.”

“This coalition is building and it will continue to define the links between the Green Rush and the Green Party as we force politicians and their bankrollers to talk about radical legislative reform that will begin to redistribute wealth back to the 99 percent,” according to a story on Occupy.com.

Together with FedUp, OccupyTheNeedAct and OccupyReeferMadness coalitions, debt free money and legal marijuana are the focus of the 2014 Green Rush campaign.

While the Green Rush doesn’t claim to be a solution to the world’s problems, the campaign’s efforts are focused on ridding corporate money of the political process. The campaign is encouraging Occupy groups to organize around these “specific demands,” which was never the standard procedure of Occupy dating back to its 2011 movement.

To learn how to get involved, click here and to read more about the campaign, click here.




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