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Support Your Right to Know and Help Defend Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and their allies recently filed a lawsuit against Vermont’s newly signed GMO labeling law. After the state became the first to pass a law requiring labels be put on GMO foods, the law is under attack.

While this was not unexpected, it is our right as consumers to know what is in our food and defend the law.

A recently leaked document by the Grocery Manufacturers Association contained “purposefully misleading information to consumers and politically charged language meant to sway lawmakers into rejecting GMO labeling laws at the state level.”

Our food continues to be altered by biotech companies causing ongoing health risks and environmental hazards.

We must continue the fight for GMO labeling at the state level and help Vermont become the first state to mandate GMO labeling. 

Take action today and help defend Vermont’s strong constitutional law and put an end to Monsanto and other GMO food manufacturers’ propaganda campaign.

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  • if congress attempts to prevent vermont from labeling GMO THEN WE MUST SHUT DOWN CONGRESS ASAP
  • doug krause
  • martha wood
  • Why do grocery manufacturers get a lawsuit to protect their interest. What about the consumer’s interest and their right to know. They just want to continue to poison us so they can protect their profits. Me, I am going to support the Vermont right to know. Other countries pass theirs and we should be too. I hope it pass in the whole United States. It is our right to know what is in our food. I am sick of their deceit and their lies. They either label it as whats in our food, or I boycott from buying their so called fake food. I am sick of the companies deceive us and making us fat.
  • anthony Montapert
  • Christine Tranchina supports the GMO labeling law. I have a right to know what foods have been GMO altered!
  • No GMO salmon either!
  • The little logo hardly takes up any space in the oackage, but provides essential information.
  • They are causing severe stomach problems that cause multiple pain symptoms and blurred vision. Just label them so diets can be modified. They also cause chills and that is how I can tell I am eating GMOs. Just take the chemicals that kill the bugs out because it is not just bugs they hurt.
  • Just label it unless you have something to hide.
  • Our food continues to be altered by biotech companies causing ongoing health risks and environmental hazards. We need to be able to choose what we injest! Just label it!
  • Nicholas Rulli


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