Largest Food Justice March Takes Aim at Monsanto in DC


Fed up with Monsanto's control of the global food chain? Want to stop the biotech giant's advancement of genetically modified organisms? While Monsanto is trying to keep Americans in the dark regarding what they are eating, on Oct. 16 and 17, thousands of activists will rally in the streets of Washington, D.C. under the organization of March Against Monsanto and the Food Justice Coalition to raise awareness and lobby for the labeling of GMO foods.

With more than 90 percent of Americans supporting national GMO labeling, Monsanto has repeatedly defeated the legislation through "heavy spending by Monsanto-backed lobbying groups" at the state level, according to the website, Occupy Monsanto. And now the corporation is trying to buy its way into our Senate. But the two-day Food Justice March starting tomorrow aims to lobby U.S.Senators to oppose the Denying Americans the Right to Know or the DARK Act as well as occupy Monsanto, the EPA and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. 

"The Food Justice March serves as a defiant movement of national organization with a powerful message and a promising show of solidarity," Tami Canal, founder of March Against Monsanto, said. "People across the world realize that time is dire and there is no time like right now."

A kick-off to the Food Justice March will start on Oct. 16 as protesters will lobby Senators to support national GMO labeling before meeting at Lafayette Park where activists will begin their occupation of Monsanto, the EPA and more.

"There is something so tangible and powerful when we all unite for a common cause," Canal said.

With much of the two-day event taking place at the West Lawn of the Capitol Building ion Oct. 17, scheduled speakers include Dr. Edward Group, Steven Druker, Anthony Gucciardi, Ronnie Cummins, Adam Eidinger, Kelly L. Derricks and Liz Reitzig along with other special guests, who will all discuss the dangers of GMOs and the need for GMO labeling.

A "large unity march" will follow the speeches starting from the Capitol Building and marching through the street of D.C.

Whether occupying the streets of D.C. or contacting your Senator, Canal encourages everyone to get involved somehow.

"Inaction is one way things will not get done," Canal said. "There is no action too small—all the actions are helping to unite us all in this cause."

The Food Justice March is not only a powerful grassroots initiative, it's the effort America needs to reclaim the country's food supply.

"We are tired of being ignored by the very people elected to protect our interests. We march on D.C. to demand answers and action. We will not stand for poison. We will not stand for cronyism."


For the Food Justice March's two-day schedule of events, click here.

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