Five Companies Helping with Deforestation


Deforestation is a serious concern for people all over the world. Companies, governments, and people are clearing out land filled with trees in order to accomplish another process or task. For example, rainforests are being removed all over the world so companies can mine, log, or ranch cattle.

Forests are important to have. Not only do the trees provide oxygen, but forests are home to many animals. In fact,tropical rainforests, which only cover about 7% of the world’s surface, are home to more than 50% of plant and animal species in the world. By removing forests from the Earth, we’re putting plants and animals at risk.

While there are laws regarding deforestation, there are still companies out there participating and using the detrimental process. Thankfully, though, there are also companies out there who recognize that deforestation is a problem, and they’re taking the necessary steps and measures to fight it. The following are five companies that are helping with deforestation.

1 Hardwood Bargains is an online retailer of quality and cost-effective hardwood floors. While they need trees in order to create their products, they are not part of the deforestation problem. Hardwood Bargains recently partnered with the American Forests for Global Releaf® program. For every tree used in the production of their products, Hardwood Bargains will replant two trees. This way, they are not adding to the deforestation problem, but are resolving it two-fold.

2 Nestle

You may think of Nestle as the manufacturer of your favorite candy or snack, but this company is also big on fighting deforestation. Instead of participating by bulldozing trees in order to create their packaging, Nestle created a No Deforestation policy. With this policy, they responsibly source all their materials, including palm oil, soya, and paper and board, and they only work with vendors and other suppliers who are also not affiliated with deforestation.

3 L’Oreal

Most people don’t associate beauty products with deforestation, but the supplies they use can come from companies that participate in deforestation practices. L’Oreal has made a commitment to make every single one of their products zero deforestation certified by the end of 2020. They will also take the necessary steps to only work with vendors and suppliers that share the same belief.

4 Disney

Disney is the largest supplier of children’s books. Recently, Disney now prohibits the use of any paper on any of their products or books that does not meet the FSC Controlled Wood Standards. This policy is not just in place for paper that is sourced directly to Disney, but also paper that is sourced by an of its vendors, suppliers, and licensees. This means the policy is being implemented in 25,000 factories in 100 countries, which is a great way to combat deforestation.

5 Hershey

Like Nestle, Hershey uses a large amount of palm oil for its products. In order to combat deforestation, Hershey made a commitment to only source their palm oil from vendors and suppliers who do not practice deforestation. Now, 100 percent of all palm oil used by Hershey is produced by sustainable sources.

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