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  • this is a bad way to solve the problem as it will not address the full impact of the white noise syndrome as that is largely fungal. It would be much more effective to paint the wind turbines purple and find a cure for the ear fungus associated with this disorder. This is a tested way for bats to see the turbine blade much better and will reduce the bat strikes by almost 100% and we will not loose the valuable energy generation time of low winds. We have scientific studies for a reason I wish people would research more before trying bad solutions. the study was done in Germany several years ago. I myself own a windmill and have never had a bird or bat strike in 5 years. IT works in an environmentally friendly way.
  • is best idea
  • It is time for you Americans to respect the sovereignty of other nations. Leave the Chinese alone, and leave the Yulin Dog Eating Festival alone. You should focus on the problems of your own country, and stop running smear campaigns against other nations. Do you really want to prove yourself to be an undercover CIA Zionist operation?
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  • These things must be said. Thank you for this program.
  • I am not ever going to sign your petition against the dog eating festival unless you include just as much protection for cats. they are doing this to cats, too.. and they are just as important as dogs. they feel just as much pain. so I will never sign your petitions.
  • This is an awesome way to get people involved!

  • NationofChange is one place that I TOTALLY trust!!!
  • What’s the microencephalic incidences in Africa ? Was “ZIKZ” identified in 1947 ?
  • I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?
  • Thank God . Perhaps there will be other turnarounds.
  • Organic Valley’s trademark is in your display of those not incorporating GMOs, but it isn’t in your alphabetical listing. Why?
  • Organic Valley’s trademark is in your display of those not incorporating GMOs, but it isn’t in your alphabetical listing. Why?
  • Organic Valley’s trademark is in your display of those not incorporating GMOs, but it isn’t in your alphabetical listing. Why?
  • Dumbest petition EVER

    You don’t control crime by taking away the rights of the innocent. It’s been running for months and still hasn’t gotten 500 signatures, let alone come anywhere near its goal. If anything needs to be shot in the head, it’s this petition. Give it up.
  • Dear Friend’s..This Terrorism scam is an utter disgrace , just the fact that they figured we were all brain dead and asleep and wouldn’t see past the smoke & mirrors tell’s Me they have NO regard for anyone in a lesser tax bracket . The ONLY reason for this fraud is to install all the law’s necessary to protect themselves for when they get figured out and it all implodes . Can you imagine the arrogance & audacity of these criminally insane egomanical scumbags . there nonsense & utter bullshit has no limit . Our’s is how much can our stomach take before we puke …
  • Unfortunately, logic and axioms do not often serve as unassailable guides for national policy development and implementation. However, there are a few logical constructs that should be trumpeted by Progressives and Populists as keys to eliminating national social and economic dysfunction.

    The first of these is the concept of Monetary Sovereignty. Americans have been led to believe that the U.S. is running out of money, that we’re broke or soon will be bankrupt. This canard has created more economic and social dysfunction than any military attack by a foreign power ever could.

    Monetary Sovereignty simply means that the U.S. government is the monopoly issuer of its own currency.

    A currency that is not convertible into anything; no gold, silver, feathers, beads or cupcakes.

    A currency which is created out of thin air, ex nihlio, electronically.

    A currency which must first be spent by the Federal government before that government can levy a tax to withdraw some of it from the economy.

    This government can never, involuntarily, run out of its own currency. As long as there’s electricity/power it can create dollars ad infinitum.

    All the Federal Government needs to complete the act of spending is an appropriation. It can fund every public sector expenditure from the local health clinic to the White House. There is never a need to tax or borrow to spend. Why would there be?

    The government creates its own currency. It should only tax to manage inflation (withdraw excess dollars from the economy) manage income distribution, acceptance of the currency, and other reasons none of which have anything to do with financing the Federal government. (See, Mosler, Wray, Mitchell, Kelton, Greenspan, Bernanke, Keene, Hudson)

    These are indisputable facts about the character and operation of our system for creating and spending U.S. dollars.

    Then there’s the issue of deficit spending.

    Congress, the White House, and too many others all agree the U.S. has a long-term deficit problem. Therefore they all agreed to let the FICA tax holiday expire at the end of 2012 without any discussion, just as they let the sequester go into effect March 1, 2013 with no serious discussion.

    Together these fiscal adjustments reduce the U.S. economy’s income and savings by about $5 billion per week, reducing sales, output, and employment accordingly from where it would have been otherwise, which also increases the risk of aborting a fledgling private sector credit expansion, which would further hurt the economy.

    And what have they gained by the pain inflicted by this proactive deficit reduction policy? Absolutely nothing of value. The ‘national debt’ is nothing more than a bunch of dollars balances in savings accounts’ at the Federal Reserve Bank better known as ‘Treasury securities.’ These ‘securities accounts,’ as insiders call them, along with checking accounts at the same Federal Bank (called ‘reserve accounts’) and the actual cash in circulation constitute the total net dollar savings of the global economy, to the very penny. When the U.S. government spends more than it taxes, those extra dollars it spent first go into our checking accounts, and then some gets exchanged for actual cash as needed, and some goes into those savings accounts at the Fed called Treasury securities.

    So how is ‘all that debt’ paid off? When Treasury securities are due, the Fed simply shifts the dollars from those savings accounts at the Fed to checking accounts at the Fed. That’s all! And this is done for tens of billions every month. The debt is paid off by a simple debit and credit on the Fed’s books. There are no grandchildren or taxpayers in sight — they would only be getting in the way. There is no such thing as leaving our debt to our grandchildren!

    What if no one buys ‘the debt’? In other words, what if no one wants to shift their dollars from checking accounts to savings accounts at the Fed? Who cares! The dollars can just sit in the checking accounts (and earn a little less interest).

    What about interest rates? The Fed meets and votes on the interest rates it wants the government to pay on those extra dollars it created and put into checking and savings accounts by deficit spending. ‘Market forces’ don’t grab Chairman Bernanke’s arm and raise it to vote for higher rates. The level of rates paid by our government is entirely a political decision. The Fed has the tools to set both short- and long-term rates at any level it votes to implement.

    Think of it this way. Congress has appointed the Fed as scorekeeper for the dollar. And just like any other scorekeeper it neither has nor doesn’t have any dollars. It just has a ‘scorecard’ — a giant spreadsheet — with all of our bank accounts tied to it. It spends by changing numbers in our bank’s accounts to higher numbers, and it taxes by changing numbers in our bank’s accounts to lower numbers. Notice that the federal government therefore doesn’t actually ‘get’ anything when it taxes or ‘use up’ anything when it spends.

    Think of federal spending as printing dollars, and taxing as ‘unprinting’ dollars, which means there is no such thing as the federal government running out of dollars. And it means we can’t ‘become Greece’ the way a U.S. state, corporation, or individual that doesn’t spend by ‘printing’ can ‘become Greece’ and go broke. So if the U.S. can’t run out of dollars, it is not leaving debt to the grandchildren, and it can never become Greece.

    So you may ask, “Why not just go and spend like crazy and not tax at all?” In other words, what is the actual risk of too much deficit spending? How do we know if we have a long-term deficit problem or not?

    Inflation! ‘Overspending’ would mean ‘using up’ all available resources in a fully employed economy and then trying to deficit spend even more than that. In that case all you do is drive up prices.

    The good news is the world is chock full of credible, professional inflation forecasters who are paid to be right (not the fear mongering sensationalists shamelessly making wild, unsupported claims with no need to be right) and do a pretty good job of getting it right. And what were they saying about inflation before deficit reduction? The Fed had a 2 percent long-term inflation forecast and most all the others were pretty close to that. And the longer term U.S. Treasury inflation indexed securities also were presuming very low rates of inflation.

    This means, even before any deficit reduction measures were taken, there was no long-term deficit problem!

    And there still is no long-term deficit problem! Government deficits add exactly that many $ to global $ net savings.

    And wouldn’t you think that at a minimum, before cutting the military, Social Security, and Medicare, the burden of proof would be on those claiming a long-term deficit problem?

    But no, even without a long-term inflation problem, paradoxically, the burden of proof is on those claiming there is no long-term deficit problem, as we continue to destroy our economy and our civilization.

    The graph below by Professor Stephanie Kelton sums it up. It shows that for the U.S. domestic private sector to carry a positive balance, the government must in effect carry a negative balance. A balanced budget, such as achieved by President Clinton, simply does not work. With Congress taking this budget cutting, balanced budget path, the one with one eye in the land of the blind becomes king.

    Source: Mosler,
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  • I can inert these ideas on facebook sites without angering voters. I will sign petitions, I am 80 retired from advertising.
  • I can inert these ideas on facebook sites without angering voters. I will sign petitions, I am 80 retired from advertising.


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