Federal Government Green-lights Biggest Solar Plant to be Built in US


Solar power is here and it's making strides here in the U.S. The federal government recently approved a 485-megawatt solar plant to be build throughout the Mojave Desert in Southern California making it the world's largest renewable energy plants. 

As part of President Obama's efforts to fight climate change, the Blythe Mesa Solar Project will "deploy tens of thousands of solar panels across 3.587 acres" of government-owned land, according to the website, Take Part. The solar plant, which was developed by Renewable Resources Group—a L.A. based company investing in green energy and agriculture—will have the capacity to generate renewable energy to power 180,000 homes throughout the Southern California desert, according to Take Part.

The project, which was once opposed by environmentalists and groups protecting the area's wildlife, will be built on already "disturbed or fallow farmland where wheat, alfalfa and citrus had been grown," according to Take Part, and therefore, no wildlife will be harmed.

“Due to the previously disturbed condition of nearly all the land proposed for the project, numerous environmental organizations supported the project because it conformed with our recommended criteria for siting large-scale projects in the California desert,” Jeff Aardahl, California representative for Defenders of Wildlife, said in an email to Take Part.

Solar power has become a large competitor of fossil fuel and the communities where renewable energy projects are being build are prospering from the solar boom.

While there are still some legal matters to sort through, the Blythe Mesa Solar Project is optimistic it will soon get off the ground.

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  • We could put up 900MW of solar on 180,000 roofs. But for some reason the USA can’t do residential for 2$ like the rest of the world. Feed in tariffs seem to be that way that drives down prices for installed solar. Top down does not. But the federal gov seems only to see big investors and companies with their big projects.
  • Another government give away. Private industry using free public land to build on and sell their product to the public for a profit. Don’t tell me there isn’t three and a half acres of roof tops in Southern California and the people living under those roof tops could use that subsidy.


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