#FallRising DC Mobilization to Stop the TPP


The United States is negotiating three massive international treaties–the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade-in-Services Agreement (TiSA). These deals are crafted in secret by multinational corporations and big bankers for their own benefit at our expense. They will expand global corporate rule, harming the planet and people everywhere, and destroying democracy.

From November 14 to 18, 2015, people will converge on Washington, DC to demand that the United States drop these deals and create, in a transparent and democratic way, alternative international agreements that put people and the planet first. Our actions coincide with the APEC meetings in the Philippines, where US officials (including trade reps) will push the TPP, and our Philippine allies will have mass protests.

The TPP, TTIP, & TiSA are much more than trade deals–only 5 of the 29 TPP chapters even deal with trade. They are corporate power grabs that impacts every aspect of our lives. If passed, the TPP, TTIP, & TiSA would take away environmental protections, offshore American jobs & decrease wages, remove food safety laws, curtail internet freedom, inhibit access to lifesaving medicine, spur further financial deregulation and more. Under Obama’s recent Fast Track bill these treaties  would even ban climate action and immigration reform.


Here are some of the most dangerous aspects of TPP, TTIP, TiSA.

  • Rigged Tribunals: These deals give corporations the power to sue governments for any law or regulation that hurts their expected future profits. So, if your local, state or federal government wanted to put a ban on fracking or GMO foods, increase the minimum wage or worker protections, promote renewable energies or affordable medicine, or regulate big banks they could be sued and forced to remove the law. All of this would happen in rigged trade tribunals where the judges are usually corporate lawyers on temporary leave from their corporate job. This new corporate law would supersede US courts including the Supreme Court.
  • Deregulation: Under TPP, TTIP, & TiSA regulations at all levels of government would be forcibly lowered (“harmonized” to the lowest standard of any country in the deal) so that corporations can more easily move between countries. NAFTA and other “free” trade agreements started this process. TPP, TTIP, & TiSA would expand it to new countries and new sectors of economies. This “regulatory harmonization” removes the power of governments to pass laws that protect people and the planet. Furthermore, localization would go out the window. Say good bye to Buy American or Buy Local provisions!
  • Privatization: TPP, TTIP, & TiSA would drive greater and permanent privatization of in many sectors of participating countrie’s economies including services which represnt 80% of the US economy. You name it–prisons, education, health care, municipal water, the postal service–and it will probably be turned over to private for-profit companies.All of this takes away our right and ability to create the new world we desperately need.

The TPP, TTIP, & TiSA impact people of color, the poor, and oppressed communities most. These deals would expand US empire, white-supremacy, and corporate capitalism. They would further privatize schools and prisons, allowing the ruling class to profit from the destruction of black and brown communities. They would increase human and sex trafficking, forced migration, and the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples. All of this would be upheld by more repressive policing and military intervention.

Around the world people are rising against TPP, TTIP, & TiSA.  In many countries, thousands are taking the streets to stop these agreements and call for a new system that puts human needs before corporate greed. In the US, a large and diverse movement of movements that includes labor, environmentalists, advocates for food security, education, human rights, housing, education, Internet freedom and more has come together.

This November let us rise together with our global sisters and brothers in creative nonviolent resistance to end corporate globalization. Join the call to action by completing the form below. Also join the Facebook Event and Invite all of your Friends.


If you are flying, you can arrive at either the National Reagan airport or BWI. Reagan is closer. If you are driving, there is a lot of paid parking in DC from $7-10/day.  If you don’t want to pay, park outside of the city and take the metro in. If you are arriving by bus, the bus driver will either drop you at Union Station or, if you charter the bus, possibly at the church or hotel. If you have open seats or need a ride fill out the ride board here.

Where to Stay:
There is space to store gear, sleep, and cook for many people at First Trinity Church. Sign up below to stay in the church or possible homestay. Otherwise, if you can organize your own housing, do it! Some people are staying with friends or relatives in the area or at hotels and others are doing couchsurfing or air b&B. We recommend the Hotel Harrington where activists often stay in DC. It is a good location and good price, especially if you share larger rooms with lots of people.

What to Bring:
Bring musical instruments, drums, noise making devices, banners, props, art, things to share with the group, a water bottle, ID (if you have it), cash, warm clothes (it could be a bit chilly), sleeping bag or blankets and pillow, your favorite book, friends, and most importantly, yourself. Let us know if you need anything!

Click here to make a donation to support this work. For more information, visit www.FlushtheTPP.org.

November 14, 2015 at 12pm - November 17, 2015

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