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For every 1000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Congress asking them to enact legislation that will end unregulated healthcare pricing.

Did you know that billing rates are not set nor regulated in the healthcare industry?

Billing is determine on a case by case basis. A simple blood test can range from $10 to $400 at the same lab. Hospitalization can result in a bill that varies by thousands of dollars for the same services. 

We are asking Congress to force providers to show transparency and publish legitimate pricing. This allows for healthcare providers to still set their own rates but prohibits them from charging different rates for different patients.

Hospitals especially are known for overcharging patients - especially those with no insurance. In a recent study it was found that fifty hospitals in the United States were charging uninsured consumers more than 10 times the actual cost of patient care. 

We need a system in which the public can search for a medical procedure online and see pricing for all providers in their area. This will save patients thousands of dollars as well as get rid of the “in network” and “out of network” system that causes confusion and costs an enormous amount of money and administrative burden every year.

Tell Congress to stop unregulated healthcare pricing, thus allowing for lower healthcare costs and an end to restrictions on patient choice.

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  • Lisa Vandermay
  • The ACA is already a liberal/conservative compromise. People who use ACA insurance want coverage to improve , i.e. premiums/deductibles/copays to DECREASE . These changes are not well achieved through unregulated insurance markets because they compete in trying to limit their risk exposure while generating profits . Regulated markets use large risk pools and cost reduction strategies to achieve goals consistent with high quality and generally affordable health care insurance. THIS IS WHAT THE ACA , AND THE RECENT BACKLASH AGAINST THE PROPOSED ACHA, HAVE SHOWN THAT AMERICANS CLEARLY PREFER .
  • Steve Schueth
  • Please be sensible when handling our healthcare.
  • Anita Coolidge
  • Sign the petition: End unregulated healthcare pricing
  • Sign the petition: End unregulated healthcare pricing
  • Jay & Cathy Harter; We think it’s time for Congress to start regulating All aspects of healthcare.By doing nothing as you have years is the Real cause of rising healthcare costs. There are no restrictions now


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