End the Dickey Amendment: Tell Congress to Allow Research on Gun Violence


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For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Congress, demanding that they repeal the Dickey Amendment and allow for more research on gun violence.

[Update 2/16/17: We have sent your letter to Congress with 1,000+ of your signatures. We will continue to send letters every 1,000 signatures. Thank you!]


Gun violence kills nearly 100 Americans every day. But Congress refuses to move forward on gun control legislation claiming that there is not enough evidence and not enough research to move forward.

The number of mass shootings has increased dramatically over the last several years. This is the time for action.

We are concerned about the influence NRA has on Congress. In 1996 the NRA passed the Dickey Amendment, preventing the Center for Disease Control from studying the effect of gun violence on the American public. Now, 20 years later, even the author of the amendment, Congressman jay Dickey, believes it should be repealed.

Not only has Congress not allow any new gun control measures to pass, or in some cases even be voted upon, but they are also working hard to keep anyone from doing any serious research on gun violence.

Now the most powerful medical association in the United States has called gun violence a “public health crisis.” If the American Medical Association is calling for changes to gun control it is time we, and Congress, listen.

Sign the petition now and tell Congress to take the first step – repeal the Dickey Amendment and allow for more research on gun violence.

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  • The only reason to shut out science is to shut out the truth
  • Kathleen Kilcommons
  • Sign the petition: End the Dickey Amendment: Tell Congress to Allow Research on Gun Violence
  • Sign the petition: End the Dickey Amendment: Tell Congress to Allow Research on Gun Violence http://bullhorn.nationofchange.org/end_the_dickey_amendment_tell_congress_to_allow_research_on_gun_violence?recruiter_id=343536
  • Gun violence never goes down, does it?
  • james lung
  • Sign the petition: End the Dickey Amendment: Tell Congress to Allow Research on Gun Violence
  • Time to come to our senses on this critical issue.
  • With over 30,000 deaths by guns each year in the U.S., why is there even a question about the need for this. It should be common sense, except that the NRA and those who make money from manufacturing and selling these weapons fear the outcome of such an investigation.
  • Why hide the facts , research the facts
  • The Dickey Amendment has got to be one of the most insane and absurd things ever to happen in Congress!! Research never hurt anyone and America needs gun violence research!!!!
  • Dennis Allen
  • if you don’believe in science why try to learn anything- especially about your beloved killer weapons
  • We need to address this issue as a public health scientist would; with data to improve understanding and allow protections and legislation. We must document the need for and measure the effectiveness of preventative solutions and strategies. How can we do any of that without baseline data to identify the baseline?


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