UPDATE: Egyptian Billionaire to Purchase Two Islands to Give Syrian Refugees New Lease on Life


While True Activist reported last week that Egyptian Billionaire Naguib Sawiris was interested in purchasing a Greek Island to give thousands of refugees a new home, Sawiris disclosed this week that he is now looking to purchasing two islands to give the Syrian refugees a new lease on life.

Not only will the islands “host the migrants," Sawiris' mission is to provide them with jobs in hopes of building a new country. 

Sawiris didn't comment on which of the two out of the 1,200 Greek islands he is interested in purchasing, but he did release a statement on Monday claiming he “identified two privately owned Greek islands that constitute a good opportunity for the project.”

“We have corresponded with the owners and expressed our interest to go into negotiation with them,” Sawiris said.

While Sawiris' plan is getting a lot of recognition, it is also gaining support from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) who said he is willing to cooperate with his plan.

So far, the Syrian Civil War has displaced more than 22 million individuals forcing them to migrate to new countries while 2,300 of those refugees have died while trying.

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  • Interesting that out of a population of appx. 22 million, this story is reporting that 22 million people have been ‘displaced’.
  • How I wish that would materialized..with Gods will
  • This should only be a temporary move. Assad should be defeated and the land be kept as Syria. All Syrian Refugees should be able to make their way back home if the world really cares about them. Otherwise it is just another political butcher job.
  • This is a brilliant practical solution for both parties. The refugees will have an opportunity to start again, rebuild and contribute using their skills without shame or obligation. Sawiris has the opportunity to “give back” and contribute to well being of humanity. The perfect balance. Win win. I hope it works out!
  • I don’t know about this story. Members of the extreme right wing are eating it up because A> It justifies intense concentrations of wealth, primarily regarding this Bankster who is now “giving to the people!” after years of taking from them, not that they’d ever acknowledge he’d taken what isn’t his. The not for profit industrial complex in America is a trillion dollar industry, and has justified extreme injustice for some time now in similar fashion. B> The unjustified fear of taking in refugees (The U.S has taken 70k per yr for some time without one terrorist attack from one of them ever) is being met by allegedly sending them off to some 40 acres and a camel Gilligan’s Island adventure… I’m just starting to look at this story in depth, but so far I’m not too crazy about it all….
  • Naguib Sawiris is a practical human, as Syrian are famous of being smart merchants, his money and their efforts will make this island as heaven, good luck for both.
  • Geo shelter could be erected in a matter of days. Check out www.geoshelter .com.
  • It is sad to see how many of us don’t trust humanitarian effort any more.

    Reading about Naguib Sawiris, he is known for his humanitarian effort in the past.

    I am more than delighted he is doing this for the Syrians who have suffered so much!
    God bless you Sir!!!!!
  • Let’s get Trump to buy 2 islands also. With out him influencing the operations ,
  • I hope that he is not creating a slave colony
  • When will it happen and what will they do there?
  • How amazing, such humanity. Such kindness. Using money to help others. Thank you.
  • Service to others seems the only intelligent choice for the use of wealth.~Kenzo:)
  • I have a job and money. I just want to work forward in progression by helping you help those people for now.
  • I like you, May I please work for you?
  • I like you, May I please work for you?
  • So,are you saying that 22 of 23 millions of the population are gone..?
  • C
  • This is a man who has, obviously, maintained his humanity, despite his enormous wealth! Naguib Sawiris, thank you for your extreme graciousness and offer to help to these poor refugees who were bombed out of their homes and country, and treked for over 14 days to find safety. To have deep compassion and to be able to do something about it must be a deeply rewarding feeling.
  • If the islands already have an organic fresh water source that it is awesome. But most likely even if it does have an organic water source, there might be a limited capacity for the number of people.

    That said, this is a very generous offer. I wish more people would have such a generous spirit. Maybe not in material needs but certainly with supporting refugee efforts.
  • just because you buy islands, doesnt mean the laws of the land in regards to immigration do not apply,,
  • Michael O’Connell- hateful people like you are the direct reason of so much pain and suffering in this world. shame on you…..
  • Michael O’Connell, you are a heartless waste of air.
  • Though it is possibly a very helpful act if others set up infrastructure, it is very likely that there is an alterior motive of this business man and he has been waiting for the right leverage to obtain these islands. Perhaps it will turn into a win win. Better yet, maybe he truly is acting as humanitarian!
  • The US and ISrael are after all resources in the region, including Syria. That is why all are under attack and being depopulated. Remove Israel and let Arabs and Persians provide livelihoods in their ancestral homelands, free from western corporate predation/barbarism!
  • Sounds wonderful! Mr.Michael O’Connell your are very un-human. Un-American. Sorry your outlook is dim
  • God Bless you Mr. Sawiris. If more people had a heart like yours, this world would be a better place for all.
  • Put them on the island then let the navy use it for target practice
  • Bless you Mr Sawiris♡ You are a true humanitarian.
  • I had the same idea just not the cash :D


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