Tell Congress Not to Sell Our Wilderness to the Highest Bidder


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For every 1000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Congress asking them to block any legislation that would allow for America’s shared public lands to be eligible to be sold.

[Update: We have surpassed 2,000 signatures! NationofChange is sending a letter to Congress with your signatures attached, asking them not to sell our wilderness. We will continue to send letters for every 1000 signatures.]


New findings have shown catastrophic declines in Earth’s wilderness over the last 20 years.

Researchers reporting in the journal “Current Biology” have presented new findings that show an area twice the size of Alaska and half the pie of the Amazon has disappeared from Earth’s wilderness since the 1990s. This is equal to about 10% of global wilderness.

As Dr. James Watson of the University of Queensland in Australia states, “Without any policies to protect these areas, they are falling victim to widespread development. International policy mechanisms must recognize the actions needed to maintain wilderness areas before it is too late. We probably have one to two decades to turn this around.”

Although there has been efforts to preserve the loss of specific species, there are few policies that actually deal with large-scale lose of entire ecosystems and wilderness areas that haven’t been studied heavily.

Dr. Watson says that “If we don’t act soon, there will only be tiny remnants of wilderness around the planet, and this is a disaster for conservation, for climate change and for some of the most vulnerable human communities on the planet.”

In the United States wilderness areas have been given to states to do with what they want. Many times this means that our recreation lands are sold to mining, oil and gas and other development - in other words the “highest bidder.”

We must take action before this gets further out of hand. Tell Congress that you do not support legislation that will allow America’s shared public lands to be sold to the highest bidder.

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  • Angela Taylor
  • Gary Monahan
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress Not to Sell Our Wilderness to the Highest Bidder
  • This idea that the public lands in this country should be sold to those polluting extractive companies, or to any old dudes who think that they should be privileged to take over any lands they want, violates the public trust and is anathema to what the founding fathers envisioned. These idiots think that they know the constitution, but their interpretation is only that, their interpretation!!! They need to hear from those who are expert in constitutional law!!! Oh for another Teddy Roosevelt to protect our wilderness lands! Do not sell our very exceptional wildernesses to ANY bidder!
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress Not to Sell Our Wilderness to the Highest Bidder
  • Don’t allow more destruction of our natural environment. It’s bad enough as it is. We need to be good stewards.
  • Public lands are treasures of the people of the United States. Are Republicans the thieves. Leave them alone!!!!
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress Not to Sell Our Wilderness to the Highest Bidder
  • Jean Cushman -


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