Tell the Trump Administration to stop Big Oil from Completing the Dakota Access Pipeline


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For every 1000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to the Trump administration, demanding they stop big oil from completing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

[Update 3/16/2017: We have sent the next letter to President Trump with 7,000+ of your signatures, demanding the Dakota Access Pipeline be abandoned. We will continue to send letters every 1,000 signatures. Thank you!]

UPDATE: The Army Corps of Engineers has denied the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline, but Energy Transfer Partners insists that they will go ahead with the project.

3,000+ signatures sent to Obama

1,281 professionals from institutions like the Smithsonian and the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries claim that the construction work from the pipeline destroyed “ancient burial sites, places of prayer and other significant cultural artifacts sacred to the Lakota and Dakota people.”

The letter reads further: “The destruction of these sacred sites adds yet another injury to the Lakota, Dakota and other Indigenous Peoples who bear the impacts of fossil fuel extraction and transportation. If constructed, this pipeline will continue to encourage oil consumption that causes climate change, all the while harming those populations who contributed little to this crisis.”

President Obama halted temporarily construction on the the $3.8bn, 1,170-mile pipeline after the Standing Rock Sioux tribe legally challenged the project. The pipeline is supposed to funnel oil from the Bakken oil Fields in the Great Plains to Illinois and run next to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

We need to ensure the company abandons the pipeline on American Indian land. Sign the petition and stand with the thousands of professionals, and the Standing Rock Sioux, to tell the Trump administration to stop big oil from completing the Dakota Access pipeline for its destruction of Standing Rock Sioux lands, burial sites, and ancient artifacts that are crucial to our understanding of American heritage. 


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  • monique leigh
  • Kimberly Wiley
  • Jesús Maldonado Domínguez
  • Carolyn Ricketts
  • However, you MUST do MUCH more. We MUST keep ALL climate-changing fossil fuels IN THE GROUND!
  • However, you MUST do MUCH more. We MUST keep ALL climate-changing fossil fuels IN THE GROUND!
  • Also, read the list of banks who are major funders of this project! They include Bank of America and Wells Fargo in the top 10. DIVEST, pull your money out of these banks and tell them why!!
  • Renate Dolin
  • Oil and oil pipelines should never be placed by sources of drinking water. Why are we still relying so much on oil? This oil better stay in the United States. Rumor has it that it will be sold to other countries. This should have never happened. The oil needs to stay in the ground. Greed is why this happened. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!
  • I stand with Standing Rock water protectors. I stand for clean water. We cannot drink oil, and even more money in a rich man’s pocket makes the Earth even more pathologically ill.
  • dennis nagel
  • Debra J.W. Michael
  • moss they scrambled my name ???


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