D19: The Billion People March


In the wake of the failed climate talks, Ad Busters has called for mass global action. Here is their call . . .


Hey all you wild cats, dreamers and redeemers out there,

Billion People March graphic

It’s been awhile since Occupy Wall Street came and went. Now the revolutionary spirit is stirring again. We’re building a global people’s power bloc – and it all begins with the #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH.

Sign up at www.BillionPeopleMarch.org

On December 19, I’ll be one in a billion! We’ll take to the streets in a global big-bang moment that will, for one beautiful day, make business as usual impossible. In every major city of the world, we will come together in our rage, sorrow, compassion, defiance and determination. A revolutionary carnival against the whole dysfunctional system that keeps us on the brink of climate catastrophe, financial meltdown and World War Three.

But #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH is more than a moment — it’s a movement. Linked on the Internet, we’ll zero in on the biggest, most systemic world-changing metamemes that have the power to shift the global narrative towards a sane sustainable future . . . and then we’ll take to the streets again (and again) to push our ideas through.

After centuries of top-down rule by tyrants, kings and now corporations, we the people will take charge of our own destiny and start calling the shots from below.

Sign up at www.BillionPeopleMarch.org

How to Participate?

Where will the actions be?

Everywhere. Anywhere. We’re calling for a truly international day of action, and we need your help to make it happen. We are coordinating with hundreds of direct action collectives, civil society groups, and environmental NGO’s around the world – but it won’t work without millions of people making their own plans organize a their own acts of disobedience on D19.

How can I participate in the #BillionPeopleMarch?

You can march in your own town, or take the streets in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Rio. You can help organize an action. You can print a thousand Blackspots to emblazon the institutions of the Old World: banks, government buildings, fast-food outlets, strip malls, everywhere! Help demonstrate our capacity on a worldwide level to challenge the systems that make climate change possible.

Anything that pushes towards this goal has our support. Just let us know! We don’t need every detail of your plans (nor in many cases would it be wise to tell us!), but get in touch with us at billionpeoplemarch@adbusters.org with your idea. If your action fits we can chat about coordinating and promoting it.

And what if marching is not for you?

Then join the Lone Wolves as they begin to prowl in the lead up to D19.

You can help the fight on your own terms with subvertisements, culture jams, hacks, and creative disruptions of all kinds. Participate in the Revolutionary Journey for more of our thoughts on Lone Wolf actions.

What else?

The site goes on to tell you how to prowl as a lone wolf, wiping out logos with a black spot, launching a billion people boycott to bring corporations down, provides tactical briefings and more. To help you set your revolutionary compass they provide 8 rules for radicals quoting Niccolò Machiavelli, Tyler Durden, Dr Suess and others.

The creators ask “What are five big metamemes that can shift the global doomsday machine?” And say, that will be the conversation that begins with the Billion People March. How do we change the money flow? Capitalism bloodsucks money to the top, how do we build wealth for all?

#D19 is the start of a new kind of movement. We’re building a global people’s power bloc. Linked on the Internet, we’ll zero in on the biggest, most world-changing metamemes that have the power to shift the global narrative. Then, next year, we’ll take to the streets again (and again and again) to push our ideas through.”

Sign up at www.BillionPeopleMarch.org

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