Canadian Marijuana Advocate Will Regain Campaign Efforts Since His Release from US Custody


Know as "Prince of Pot," Marc Emery, a marijuana advocate from British Columbia, Canada, will continue his campaigning work after serving five years in a U.S. federal prison. Emery, who is currently waiting at a deportation facility in Louisiana after being released from prison last week, vowed to also take political revenge against the Canadian government upon his return with numerous rallies already scheduled.

Not only will he and his wife, Jodie, hold rallies in more than 30 Canadian cities to try and "unseat Conservatives," Emery will dedicate his efforts to get the country to back Liberals in the upcoming election and therefore, help his marijuana legalization agenda.

Emery was sentenced to prison in 2010 for "conspiracy to manufacture marijuana after his Vancouver-based mail order business was busted in a joint operation involving U.S. and Canadian law enforcement agencies in 2005," according to Canadian-based CBC News. While in prison, Emery said that people were open to his advocacy work and even expressed some interest. 

He is expected to return to Canada before Aug. 25 from which he said he will get right back on track with his advocacy work and the fight to legalize marijuana.

In his first interview with CBC News since his release, Emery told his side of the story:

"My own government betrayed me and I'm going to wreak an appropriate amount of political revenge when I get home and campaign against the Conservative government, Emery said.

The whole thing is nonsense. I should never have been turned over to the U.S. government," said the fervent Liberal supporter, already fired up for next year's general election.

Hopefully we'll do a good job and get the young people to vote for Justin Trudeau's Liberals and get that legalization agenda enacted in Canada as soon as possible."

When asked about getting back into the marijuana seed business, he responded upfront:

"We sponsored hundreds of political activities and rallies all around the world with that money. Of course I don't regret it. And they've been very fruitful.

We've seen the results of 20 years of my activism throughout the world, and the landscape has changed considerably.

Most of Canada and most of the United States favours legalization and this is going to come to pass. And a lot of that was due to our early work in Vancouver."


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