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  • Top Design Mistakes That Hinder Your Content Appeal

    Content is the most essential component of your website as it is what attracts customers and even convince them to take profitable actions on your website like purchasing, subscribing or sharing. There is a very big role of design in making your content more effective and engaging. If the content page's design is complicated and causing a lot of distractions to the readers, then will surely make them leave your business website right away. So you need to focus on making the page design to best for content by avoiding the mistakes listed below.

    1. Poor Typography

    Written content is always required to clearly readable and understandable for providing the ultimate experience to the readers. A well written content which is very easy to scan always develops the interest of the audience to read. So if you are using a typography which is uneven, the size is really small, the line spacing is too narrow, excessive use of different fonts, extra spacing between words & lines and also the cluttered content that looks bad and is not properly readable. So make sure to keep the typography as clear and beautiful as possible.

    2. Even Size All Over

    If you keep everything of the same size including the photo boxes on the pages, the written content's text, buttons are equally sized and everything else, it can make your website look extremely boring to your readers. Mixing the sizes of everything like in textual content, headings and quotes needs to be differently sized than the other detailed content. The photos that are featured need to be bigger than the product photos. The buttons like call to actions need to be bigger in size than the social sharing buttons.

    3. Poor Content Structure

    The content structure is really essential for generating interest of the users. So if you are placing the lesser interesting content on the top or placing content in a rectangular form, users can find it boring and leave your website. So make sure to build interest of users in the very first look they have on content.

    4. Stick With Fundamentals

    We always have encounters where we click on a website link and nothing happens. At many instances we seek for the contact us page or an email address of the company but not find one. These silly mistakes can cause a lot of losses to your business as it will build a negative image about your company in the minds of the audience. So make sure to avoid such kind of fundamental mistakes.

    5. Very Long Content

    Your audience can get bored with very long content as reading requires too much concentration. So try to edit and keep the short form of content that conveys the information in the same way as long form content. This will help in keeping the interest of users alive and enhance the rate of conversion.

    So these were the top design mistakes that you need to avoid in order to keep your content attractive and engaging, while improving the leads and sales.

    Source :- Kinex Media is a web Design Toronto firm won a lot of awards in this field and has expert web designers and developers by whom all impossible tasks could make possible.

    Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 06:00 PM
    Kinex Media in Mississauga, ON, Canada


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