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The Koch Brothers are the poster boys for the one percent. They use their expansive wealth to further inequality in America by using various subsidiaries to lobby Washington for whatever suits them.

Their overwhelming reach makes it hard to keep tabs on just who is in their pockets. What is known is that they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in order to influence politics and legislations with the one goal of increasing their profits through decreased regulations.

They help fund numerous organizations to prepare thousands of pages of legal briefs sent to the Supreme court advocating unlimited spending on political campaigns.

The Koch Brothers’ main company, Koch Industries, has made much of their money in the oil business. In 2000 Koch Industries was fined an incredible $30 million to resolve claims related to more than 300 oil spills, with an additional $5 million to be spent on environmental projects.

They have spent more than $34 million on groups and organizations that work against workers rights. The fund Americans for Prosperity, a tea-party group that led Governor Scott Walker’s efforts against unions and workers rights. Americans for Prosperity has also fought against health care reform.

The Koch Brothers are also behind the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which has funded such things as anti-immigration legislation.

The Koch Brothers heavily supported the passage of Citizens United, which reduced transparency and made it so that the United States government cannot restrict independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation. This has been extended to for-profit corporations and labor unions, thus making it so that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money pushing for their chosen candidate(s).

We must do what we can to limit the Koch Brother’s profits. One way we can do this is by not buying products that are manufactured and/or sold by subsidiary companies owned by Koch Industries. 

The following is a rough list of some of the companies and products you should avoid:

-Angel Soft

-Angel Soft Ultra

-Brawny paper towels

-Dixie products

-Insulair cups

-Mardis Gras napkins

-Perfect Touch cups, paper products

-Quilted Northern

-Sparkle paper towels

-Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels

-Zee Napkins

-Georgia-Pacific Office products

-Spectrum paper

-Georgia-Pacific's enMotion paper towel dispenser

-Georgia-Pacific's engineered lumber INVISTA Brands

-INVISTA’s PET polymer is used in oxygen-sensitive packaging for food and beverages.

-ADI-PURE® Adipic Acid

-ANTRON® Carpet Fiber

-C12™ Intermediates


-COOLMAX® Fabric

-CORDURA® Fabric

-DACRON® Fiberfill

-DYTEK® Idea Intermediates

-FLEXISOLV® Solvent Solutions

-LYCRA® Fiber

-LYCRA HyFit® Fiber

-OXYCLEAR® Barrier Resin



-SENZAA™ Additive


-SUPPLEX® Fabric


-TACTEL® Fiber

-TECGEN® Garments

-TERATE® Polyols

-TERATHANE® Polyether Glycol

-TERRIN™ Polyols


-TORZEN® PA66 Resin

Koch Fertilizer Company's AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer fertilizer products are used around the world to improve nitrogen efficiency and enhance crop productions.

Stand with NationofChange and sign the pledge to boycott all Koch Industries products.

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  • I can’t believe any self respecting politician would go along with this plan….taking away our rights after all these years and years and years… will create a Third World America!
  • If there are blant benefactors of Citizens United I can’t of a more nefarious pair. “…We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

    Louis Brandies, Supreme Court Justice
  • John Denning
  • Pledge to boycott Koch products
  • Hang the Koch brothers as the traitors they are!
  • Pledge to boycott Koch products
  • Cleo Dioletis
  • Gloria Perry
  • Michele Reynolds


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