Black Agenda Report’s 8th Anniversary Celebration


Join us Friday, October  24 at Harlem’s historic Riverside Church, as the Riverside Church Social Justice Ministry & Black Agenda Report proudly present

After Ferguson: Naming Names, Refuting Shame, Human Rights VS the Police State & the Black Political Class

Since 2006, well before the term was fashionable, the Black Agenda Report team has reported on mass incarceration, America’s prison state, as well as on the fortunes and foibles of the black political class, and black America’s place in the world.

In this political moment, supposedly powerful leaders of black America make the outrageous and self serving claim that low voter turnout killed Michael Brown.  With a straight face, they insist that more registered black voters, more black police and elected officials will prevent the next police murder in Ferguson or in your town, as if these things don’t happen in Philly, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, and a hundred other cities and towns with high ranking black police, prosecutors, and even black mayors.

It’s time for a dose of reality.  The radical expansion of the US prison state happened at the same time as the numbers of black elected and appointed governmental officials, black law enforcement and judicial officers, black admirals, generals and corporate functionaries:

Join us in Harlem NY this Friday, October 24 for an evening of penetrating analyses from Glen FordMargaret Kimberley, Nellie Bailey and Bruce A. Dixon, with signal contributions from our poet in residence, Raymond “Nat” Turner, with music too.

The minimum event ticket is a very modest $30, while a minimum contribution of $100 gets you the pre-event reception and the program as well.   


This is Black Agenda Report’s main yearly fundraiser.  We are utterly dependent upon you, our readers and friends, to contribute the funds we need to operate.  The internet doesn’t pay us, and we haven’t run ads in a long time.  If the news, information and commentary Black Agenda Report brings you each week is valuable, now is the time to contribute.

Reception & program: 6 PM to 7 PM, minimum donation $100


Program only: 7 PM to 9:30 PM, minimum donation $30

Join the Black Agenda Report team and friends, to celebrate our 8th anniversary.  And if you cannot join us in person, please make a donation to keep us in operation.


 After you make your own contribution, there are two more important things you can do to guarantee Black Agenda Report’s survival. 

  1. You can click the “tell a friend” link and insert the emails of family members and colleagues YOU think should attend or contribute.  Please take the time to tell the folks you know and respoect about this important event, and about Black Agenda Report.
  2. You can do Black Agenda Report an heroic service by following the links to create your own personal campaign page, which allows you to set a goal, and to track the responses of those you invite to help sustain our work at Black Agenda Report.

Thanks for reading Black Agenda Report over the years.  We look forward to meeting many of you in NYC this October 24 for our 8th anniversary, and to continuing to bring you much needed news, commentary and analysis from a black left perspective.

October 24, 2014 at 6pm - 9:30pm
Harlem’s Historic Riverside Church
490 Riverside Dr
New York, NY 10027
United States
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