An Important Message from Greenpeace: A Different Kind of Lego Movie


Oil giant Shell is using one of the best-loved children’s toy brands in the world – Lego – to avert attention from its plans to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love Lego. Their toys have provided inspiration and learning for millions of children (and if you’re anything like me, more than a few adults too!). But by partnering with Shell, Lego’s letting itself down and putting the Arctic in danger of risky oil drilling.

That’s why we’re launching this heartfelt video today to explain the tragic consequences of what Lego’s partnership with a dirty oil company like Shell could allow. It’s a real tearjerker, and probably not what you’d expect from a Greenpeace video. It’s crucial we get the word out about how Shell grooms its image to allow Arctic destruction to continue unnoticed.

Since we launched our global campaign last week, more than 200,000 people around the world have written to Lego asking they end the deal that’s making everyone very, very uncomfortable. Since then, Lego has publicly responded. While they refused to end their Shell partnership, they remain committed to “leave a positive impact on society and the planet that children will inherit.”

Lego, you can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to say you’re standing up for our kids’ futures while partnering with a company planning to destroy the Arctic.

With fewer and fewer brands willing to help clean up its image, Shell will find it harder than ever distract the public from its reckless abuse of the planet. That’s why we’re asking Lego to show the world that a truly ethical company knows better than to work with Shell.

Can you imagine what it’ll look like if we pull this off? We’ll send shockwaves around the business world and scare off any other company thinking of teaming up with Shell. All because people like you and I cared enough to take a stand for the future of our planet. This won’t work unless we all pitch in, so please raise your voice for the Arctic and help Lego live up to its promise by sharing this video far and wide today.

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