Amber Lotus Publishing Plants More Trees Than Used in Publishing Activities


One publishing company is dedicated to environmental stewardship and this year planted more trees than the company used in their 2014 publishing activities by 69 times. 

Amber Lotus Publishing, an independent calendar publishing company creating carbon-negative mind-body-spirit themed calendars and greeting cards, "reached a milestone of planting half a million trees through their partnership with Trees for the Future (TREES)," according to their press release.

“When we began our partnership with TREES in 2008 we viewed it as just a way of replacing the trees consumed each year in our publishing business,” says president and co-owner Lawson Day. “But we soon came to realize that it was an integral way to express our core value of Service.”

The company's true mission since its founding in 1988 is to find a balance between art, commerce and service. It not only inspires them, but also guides them. Amber Lotus' publishing process is also very sustainable— both their calendars and greeting cards are printed on FSC Certified Mixed Source Paper with soy-based inks. 

Always being a mission-driven company, Amber Lotus' pledge to plant an additional 155,000 trees this year was a significant milestone. Not only did the trees that were planted in 2014 exceeds the trees the company used to publish their calendars, the company is their estimated carbon footprint has been reduced in part for the CO2 removed from the trees planted annually since they began in 2008.

Amber Lotus was one of the first to publish calendars about topics such as raw food, environmental art, and Celtic and Tibetan art and culture. 

The company, which operates out of Berkeley, Calif. was founded by students of a Tibetan Lama, was founded to help with the preservation of the sacred culture and knowledge of Tibet. Since it was purchased by Lawson Day and Leslie Gignilliat-Day purchased Amber Lotus in 2000, the calendar and greeting card company began focusing on art—a combination of images and text. 

“We’re best known for our calendars that support a mindfulness practice,” says creative director and co-owner Leslie Gignilliat-Day. “We carefully craft each calendar, weaving meaningful text and extraordinary images together so that each element enhances the other. Inspirational quotes from wisdom teachers such as Pema Chödrön, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, and HH the Dalai Lama bring powerful insight into our daily lives. Every time you look at your calendar you can get a rush of inspiration, a teaching of meditative wisdom, or a centering of calmness.”

For more information, visit Amber Lotus's website or one of their many store located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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