Activists Set Sail for the Gaza Strip to Break Israel's Blockade


On July 25, activists from around the world set sail for the Gaza Strip in a flotilla of four ships called Freedom Flotilla III to try and break Israel's Gaza blockade.

This third attempt comes after comes five years after their first attempt ended in bloodshed, according to the website, Conscious Life News. Among the international team of activists setting sail from different parts of Greece is Ann Wright, a retired Colonel from the U.S. Army and former U.S. diplomat.

Wright stated on the Freedom Flotilla Coalition's website:

"I am participating again in another Gaza Freedom Flotilla because I am totally and completely opposed to the continuous Israeli naval blockade of Gaza and the U.S. complicity in the frequent massive Israeli attacks on the people of Gaza. Without the approval of the United States and the military weaponry from the United States, Israel would be unable to continue its military destruction of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank. As a concerned citizen of this planet, the least I can do is challenge Israel and my country, the United States, by this flotilla."

While the mission is to raise awareness about the brutal and violent attacks on the people of Gaza, activists are also attempting "to break what they see as an illegal siege of Gaza by Israel and Egypt," according to Conscious Life News.

Of the three boats that were part of Freedom Flotilla III and set to sail, two of them "faced technical difficulties," according to Freedom Flotilla Coalition's website, which caused difficulties and plans changed.

"The value of the commitment and participation of all delegates, those who sailed on the Marianne, those who sailed on the accompanying boats and those who never managed to sail, remains the same, and everyone's contribution is what made FF3 a success, no matter what each person ended up doing."

The international team of activists ultimately completed this mission—to challenge the siege of Gaza and remind the world of the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade.

"No matter what difficulties we will face in the future we will continue challenging it until it is fully lifted."

Read the full account of this mission and past Freedom Flotilla missions here.


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  • They will be killed like many of the black activist women who were jailed and found dead. This is how the system operates.
  • Ultimately the best solution would involve a return to the 1967 borders with final border arrangements established through negotiation, working out a negotiated settlement with those who lost property as a result of the creation of the State of Israel, working out settlements with the Palestinian civilians who lost loved ones or suffered property damage as a result of the illegal occupation of the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and Gaza, establishing the Middle East as a Nuclear Free Zone, and establishing guarantees for the existence of ALL states in the area.
  • I know that continued efforts such as these will work to help bring greater humanitarian concern, not just for the Palestinian peoples of the area, but for all of the peoples of the area who live in constant threat to Israeli indignities and impositions.


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